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Ask Any Spongebob Characters A Question!!!

Date: 02/17/14 10:08 PM
From: AriPartySF

Spongebob: Hello! Its me, Spongebob Squarepants! I can't wait to answer all of the questions that you want to ask me! This is going to be so much fun! Yay!

Patrick: Uh...Hello people of the internet. This is the place where I ask you questions...wait, that's not right. You ask me questions. Will there be nachos there?

Squidward: Hello. It is I, the great Squidward Tentacles. I am flattered that you all want to exceed in my knowledge by asking me questions. Ask away!

Sandy: Ye haw!!! Howdy, y'all! Its me, Sandy Cheeks! Man, you all asking me questions is gonna be more exciting than a bullfrog riding a horsefly! Woo!

Mr Krabs: Hello. I am Eugine Krabs and I like money. If I have to answer your questions, then in exchange you have go go visit the Krusty Krab. Is it a deal?

Plankton: Citizens of Earth, it is your ruler, Plankton! I am very busy planning to steal the formula, but I have enough time to answer your questions.

Go ahead and ask anyone a question!

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Date: 06/08/14 12:26 PM
From: bunnycow14

spongebob, why did you not tell sandy you needed
water when you first visit her dome?



Date: 06/08/14 12:14 PM
From: bunnycow14

this is bunny cow, patrick, have you heard of taco bell?
they have nachos there!

Date: 06/08/14 12:06 PM
From: bunnycow14

spongebob, your show was made in 1999, did you know that?

Date: 06/08/14 11:55 AM
From: dadude123

Patrick: why are you so dumb

Date: 06/08/14 10:40 AM
From: piggyprsn

Sandy, how did you become so scientific?

Date: 06/08/14 10:32 AM
From: mallorymcd


Date: 06/08/14 10:10 AM
From: fshwiuhuyf

Mr crabs why do you love money?

Date: 06/08/14 9:33 AM
From: mrcool09

Why do like money, Mr. Krabs?

Date: 06/08/14 8:16 AM
From: luvme332

Mr. Krabs, Why do you like money so much?

Date: 06/07/14 7:37 PM
From: 2gurlz

Plankton, Why do you want to steal the formula?

Date: 06/06/14 8:19 PM
From: piggyprsn

Squidward, I have to admit Spongebob is a little annoing sometimes. Patrick, show Spongebob your real secret in the secret box. Mr.Krabs, Pay Spongebob minimum wage. Sheldon (Plankton), make a recipe that is not chum. Sandy,
please tell me how you got so scientific. And last but not least, Spongebob, will you send a friend request on

Date: 06/06/14 11:38 AM
From: clam123


Me: (singing to tune of Let it Go) I don't care,
what your going, to say!
Let your comments rage on!
Your opinion never bothered
me anyway. (turns and shuts
an imaginary door)
Sky: You know there's no door
there, right?
Me: (slightly opens imaginary door)
Yeah, but it adds to the drama!
Sky: *shakes head* What has been
going on in your school?
Me: Boyfriend drama!
Me: Ya, I know! (slams imaginary
door shut)
Sky: *face palm*

K.S.L.L my friends



Date: 05/29/14 4:43 PM
From: thefoodbot

spongebob,how many frozen patteys are in the freezer
patrick, why do you live under a rock
squidward, how much art do you have
sandy,how did you end up in bikeni bottem
mr.krabs,why do you like money
plankton, what is cumb made out of

Date: 05/27/14 8:10 PM
From: mmeowkitty

:SB, why do you love the Krusty Krab so much?
:PS, did you know you're as great as SB?
:ST, do you no why people run away when you play the clarinet?
:SC, why did you move to Bikini Bottom?
!:( :Mr. K, why do you like money?
:Plankton, why are you evil?



Date: 05/24/14 4:06 PM
From: jupiterbig

Spongebob do you have a secret? patrick were you ever smart? Squidward When will you grow hair. Sandy how did you go to bikini bottom. Mr krabs how did you become so cheap. plankton why can"t you stop ruling the earth

Date: 05/19/14 7:19 PM
From: kasey17

Spongebob How Old Are You?

Date: 05/10/14 12:00 PM
From: franny13

Sandy, did you ever date Spongebob?

Date: 05/10/14 11:53 AM
From: 67890wser

Mr Krabs: Hello. I am Eugine Krabs and I like money. If I have to answer your questions, then in exchange you have go go visit the Krusty Krab. Is it a deal?

Date: 05/09/14 11:43 PM
From: smallj1702

spongebob , how old are you?????????

Date: 05/09/14 8:27 PM
From: mjm1000

1 plankton why do you want to steal the krabby patty formula? 2 plankton why does the formula matter just be normal and not care about the formula 3 patrick why are you pink? 4 squidwird why do you play the clarenet? 5 why is your clarenets name clarry? 6 squidwird why don't you try the tuba?