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Keep Spongebob Living Long: K.S.L.L. Episode Ideas!

Date: 04/16/14 3:01 PM
From: BAmeliaVee

Post your episode ideas here!

Squidward's Birthday: Squidward's birthday is coming up and
Spongebob tries to help him celebrate it.

Cousin Carl: Patrick's cousin, Carl is coming to visit the Bikini Bottom after being under some stress in the big city,Coral City.

Snail Sister: Spongebob finds a stray snail and takes it in, Gary recognizes it as his own sister.

Neighboring(SPECIAL(new character)):Spongebob gets a new neighbor that has a pet snail.

I'll post more soon, you should add ideas too!

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Date: 10/09/14 8:37 PM
From: momsandy


Date: 10/02/14 9:13 PM
From: jdb5

They need to make an episode called *Squidward gets old*

In the episode Squidward gets old and retires.Spongebob will do anything to help squidward with his life. Then Squidward joins a book club, and decides to look over his life choices. At the end he marries Ms. Puff and becomes friends with Patrick and spongebob.


Date: 10/02/14 6:46 AM
From: chompzilla

or they could just cancel Spongebob. this could be the last episode, CANCELED. After losing their show Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward and the gang try to find work elsewhere.

Date: 09/23/14 4:46 PM
From: chompzilla

the only episode i want to see be made is DENNIS RETURNS. Dennis has searched all over the ocean floor looking for Spongebob and now that he's found him he will stop at nothing to have his head as a trophy. He breaks into Spongebob's house while he's sleeping and Spongebob just has to try to survive the rest of the episode until the bikini bottom swat team arrive. Dennis defeats all of them but spongebob escapes to a big cliff. Dennis chases him with his motorcycle and jumps off to tackle Spongebob but misses and fall's into the mouth of a fish-person eating clam. THE END

Date: 09/22/14 12:15 PM
From: levitacus

what?!!! SpongeBob's awesome!!!!

Date: 09/14/14 4:28 PM
From: uktamia

I have got some ideas! How `bout "The legend of the sea wolf". When SpongeBob gets bit by a sea dog and turns into a sea wolf. Oh and this, "Pat-who?". Patrick gets ran out of town because of bulling others and after a couple of weeks, people forget about him. But not SpongeBob. He has been looking for Patrick those past weeks but cant find him any where. Patrick was ran out to the Abyss! What `bout this, "Attack of the robots". Its when a robot army stikes Bikini Bottom and tries to destroy it. But then Patrick puts back on his super hero costume, "Patrick-Man and defetes the robots. OK. I`m out of ideas.

Date: 09/14/14 3:47 PM
From: supereddy

The creature from goo lagoon: sandy and spongebob go down in sandy's sub to goo lagoon, but some of sandy's chemicals fall into goo lagoon, and a gooey, sticky creature
comes up out of the lagoon floor, and spongebob and his
friends have to stop it!! it should be a half hour special

Date: 08/27/14 5:41 PM
From: chompzilla

it's nice that your a spongebob fan like me but. after season 5 it's nearly impossible to find good episodes. they should cancel the show after the second movie.

Date: 08/27/14 3:20 PM
From: SheWolf99

Here's some episodes I thought of!
1 Spongebob WerePants: Spongebob gets bitten by a Seawolf, and he needs Sandy to turn him back before moonlight.
2 The Buns and the Bunny: Spongebob prepares a special Krabby Patty for a Guest, but can't stop thinking about a bunny.

Date: 08/26/14 10:30 PM
From: snaker2004

Gamebob:Patrick convinces spongebob to buy a new game console. spongebob gets so addicted to the game, he never leaves his home. So patrick has nobody to play with,(The game is single-player.)Mr.krabs has ran out of money cause he's so desperate for money, he pays other people to work for him, but they can't prepare a proper krabby patty because mr.krabs won't show them the formula because he thinks they maybe be working for they both spend the rest of the episode trying to get spongebob away from the game.(*Phew* that was a mouthful for just one episode. And i may have got some stuff mixed up, but thats what i got.)

Date: 08/21/14 10:17 PM
From: umphreys


Date: 07/29/14 4:03 PM
From: umphreys

1. Me money: Mr. Krabs notices all his money is gone?
Who stole it?

2. A land adventure: Everyone in Bikini Bottom got sucked
up a whirlpool! Can they be saved?

These are both specials.



Date: 07/29/14 8:04 AM
From: KARA2166

new girl in town: spongebob sees the new her friends call her Mimi sponge she has a pet worm her name Is emmy
Mimi sponge wants to eat at the krusty krab
Mimi sponge is a shy kind sea sponge she can sew spongebob
her Bestie is a girly one her name is Darwin sea star Patrick's other sister she has a neahbor squid named gingerward more like

Date: 07/27/14 4:05 PM
From: martzman

I have five episodes

The Spongefather: When a Italian customer comes to the Krusty Krab and realizes that SpongeBob is very gullible, he takes advantage so he can can steal money from the Bikini Bottom National Bank.

Superstar Patrick: Patrick auditions for a TV show and becomes so famous, Spongebob feels left out.

Computer Plan: Plankton gets tired of his plans always getting foiled, so he tries to convince Karen to make up her own plans to steal the Krabby Patty Recipe.

Face-splat!: Plankton makes a game show for Mr. Krabs so he can steal the Krabby Patty Recipe. It's up to Spongebob and Patrick to stop Plankton from stealing the recipe.

Nwarts: Patrick makes a toy called Nwarts, that becomes famous and causes Squidward to become so jealous, that it makes him stop at nothing to sabotage Patrick's fame!


Date: 07/02/14 10:59 AM
From: mmeowkitty

I have more! They can also be new Lalaloopsy episodes and movie.
Scarlet in Bikini Bottom: Scarlet and Wolf appear in Bikini Bottom and meet Spongebob and friends. Then the Pirates come and capture SB and Scarlet, so it's up to the rest to save them.
TV Adventure *movie*: Red, Purrty and Sprinkle jump into the TV and have an adventure with SpongeBob.
A New World For SpongeBob *movie*: Teddy and Mint E. go to Toffee's Bakery to borrow some things for a party. Then the Pirates come and capture them and SpongeBob saves them. Then Teddy and Mint E. have to find a way to get SB back home.

Date: 06/11/14 3:21 PM
From: iampb

I do?: Squidward meets a customer from the krusty krab [miranda], and squidward is attracted to her,so they go on a few dates then one night Miranda kid napes squidward to marry her.

Date: 06/11/14 3:15 PM
From: iampb

New home : spongebob's parents want to move in with him because spongebob's parents house fell apart, later spongebob gets tired of his parents because their babying him.

Date: 06/11/14 11:57 AM
From: splashrain

i thinkl the sponge bob show should be cut off because i dont like the show and i never will.

Date: 06/11/14 8:18 AM
From: pinkgal78

cool ideas!

also some others: patrick become rich and spends all his money on bubbles


Date: 06/10/14 7:41 PM
From: Raingutter

THE BLOB: Spongebob and Patrick find a blob and it turns evil and tries to crush them, but Squidward's girly scream makes the blob laugh himself to death. (Or shatters him. your pick, BAmeliaVee.)