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Keep Spongebob Living Long: K.S.L.L. Episode Ideas!

Date: 04/16/14 3:01 PM
From: BAmeliaVee

Post your episode ideas here!

Squidward's Birthday: Squidward's birthday is coming up and
Spongebob tries to help him celebrate it.

Cousin Carl: Patrick's cousin, Carl is coming to visit the Bikini Bottom after being under some stress in the big city,Coral City.

Snail Sister: Spongebob finds a stray snail and takes it in, Gary recognizes it as his own sister.

Neighboring(SPECIAL(new character)):Spongebob gets a new neighbor that has a pet snail.

I'll post more soon, you should add ideas too!

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Date: 06/09/14 12:39 PM
From: dadude123

they close down glove universe you all know the rest from the episode where they closed down glove world

Date: 06/09/14 10:34 AM
From: hapadapa

Pinkle Pinkle Widdle Patrick:Patrick sneaks onto Sandy's rocket and goes to space

Date: 06/08/14 6:17 PM
From: lungebob

My pretty seahourse:equstran guy- Spongebob's old seahourse friend Mystery comes back as a teenage seahorseman after folowing a bandit through Neptunes magic mirror.

Rabbid rampage(rabbids invasion crossover)- Planton rips a hole in the Spacetimetime continuium & winds up with letting the Rabbids go on a rampage in Bikini Bottom.

TUFF Spongey(TUFF PUPPY crossover that will result in special TUFF PUPPY episodes with SB & friends)-After the Caped Cod attempts to move to Bikini Bottom the Spongebob & TUFF Puppy worlds become one & Plankton & Snaptrap build a satelite to bring the world to it's knees.

Boating School Musical(Musical special)-Spongebob sings his way through a lot of musical numbers before finally getting his boating license.


Date: 06/06/14 1:38 PM
From: rianna611

Here are some episodes that would feature my made up character, Marina

*= Major roles

Stressful- SpongeBob and Patrick hear the true story of a girl(Marina) who collapsed in bikini bottom. The friend duo try to pay attention more, because SQUIDWARD told the story.

Patience- SpongeBob and Patrick go to the hospital to find out if the story is really true.

Wonders of life*- Marina gets lost in Jellyfish fields, and falls down to find a spooky woodland. (SPECIAL)

Big problem*- Squidward tries to prank SpongeBob by putting Kelp grow in his drink, but instead (on accident) pranks Marina, who grows to be a big giant.


Date: 06/06/14 2:47 AM
From: vammy345

here's one:
A day at the dentist: Patrick's teeth is starting to hurt so he goes to SpongeBob for help. SpongeBob takes Patrick to the dentist but Patrick is scared of the dentist but SpongeBob insisted and Patrick feels better.
moral: take good care of your teeth kids



Date: 05/29/14 9:30 AM
From: ralphy2

i have some snailnapped - A stranger kidnaps gary and S.B needs to save gary! Patrick day! - Everyone acts like patrick for a day,but it dose'nt go right! Dojo failure - Sandy has a karate compition,but she is sick,so S.B takes her place

Date: 05/28/14 7:28 PM
From: mmeowkitty


Sushi Cat is a game that I LOVE and why not let SB meet him? Do you know what's weird about Sushi Cat? His wife and his son are stuffed animal cats. Isn't that weird?



Date: 05/28/14 5:53 PM
From: Wolfguy67

Spongebob&Patrick Run The Krusty Krab While Krabs is Out On Vaction and Squidward Goes on vaction Even thought krabs told him to stay and work

Date: 05/27/14 11:29 PM
From: wolfguy67


Date: 05/26/14 6:35 PM
From: mmeowkitty

SpongeBob meets Sushi Cat:SpongeBob goes through a porthole and meets Sushi Cat, his wife, Miss Cat, and his son, Sushi Jr....until Bacon Dog comes and captures them! And the only one to save Sushi Cat, Miss Cat, and Sushi Jr. is.........SpongeBob!

Date: 05/16/14 7:56 AM
From: SheWolf99

Other than add me,
I love "Sandy FISH cheeks", I love those episodes.

Date: 05/15/14 8:14 PM
From: clam123

Here's some more! (my
3rd post )

Patrick Runs Away (special) : A new
fish in town starts bullying Patrick,
so he runs away, and SpongeBob
has to find him.

A Day in the Life : A day in the life
of Sam, Patrick's sister.

Alone : When Stanley comes to visit again,
he starts to hang out with Patrick more,
and SpongeBob is left out.

Wormy 2 : Sandy gets another caterpillar,
and figures out it's an evil migit worm!




Date: 05/15/14 5:36 PM
From: leoisepic5

Coral City Capture: Plankton gives up stealing the Krabby Patty formula, so he attacks Coral City

Date: 05/15/14 5:32 PM
From: leoisepic5

The Pet Heist- Patrick feels lonely, so he kidnapps Gary, and soon, he will kidnap everyone in bikini bottom. SpongeBob must break into Patrick's house so he can get his gar bear back.

Date: 05/15/14 3:07 PM
From: BAmeliaVee

Gary's Family: Gary's whole family comes to visit with his many siblings, uncles aunts and grandparents along with his parents, but the reunion doesn't go as planned.

Date: 05/15/14 9:12 AM
From: glitterie

The chumpy champ :Oh no ! A new rival restraurant opens next to the krusty krab and starts selling new food menu:
- chumpy pizza
- chumpy fizzy + chumpy burger mega + chumpy fries
- chumpy family menu
the chumpy champ becomes the hit fast food restaurant in bikini bottom so mr krabs loses costumers and money(of course ) and the battle starts between the two restaurants ...
( Inspired from a 'Mucha Lucha' episode )

Date: 05/14/14 5:32 PM
From: Lolzater

Sandy FISH Cheeks -Sandy gets made fun of being a squirrel, so then she makes a invention that can change her WHOLE identity...
Patty Pilfering -SpongeBob is really hungry, and is out of food. When he enters the Krusty Krab, He sees that it is closed. So, He steals The patties!!
RICH as Gold -Mr. Krabs wins TONS of money, So he decides to close the Krusty Krab. But.. SpongeBob has the plan to fix it..
Bubble-con -SpongeBob goes in the Bubble-con *A bubble convention* and finds his self in the Biggest Bubble Contest with a new character... Arty! Will SpongeBob win the challenge?
Retired and Hired -Patrick gets a new job! Being a TV watcher?!

Date: 05/14/14 11:49 AM
From: kkstyler13

I have one!

Jackpot!: When Plankton wins the lottery, he uses the money to buy the Krabby Patty formula! Will SpongeBob be able to stop him in time?


Date: 05/09/14 6:51 PM
From: mittens889

Hey, I got one!

When the breadwinners crash their Van into the water,they teach spongebob how to make bread, but... they take over the krusty krab and make it a bakery


Date: 05/09/14 5:43 PM
From: lolpop4827

Here's my idea: The crab that really wasn't. Mr. Krabs finds his long lost twin while dumpster diving. It turns out that he's an EVIL twin, who tries to take over the krusty krab, and Mr. krabs, learns something special about his family's past.