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Is Gary a cat?

Date: 06/08/14 11:40 AM
From: adia77

I noticed that Gary says "meow" but hes a snail and also is Gary a he?
i NEED to know this!!!! please and thank you!
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Date: 09/20/14 9:32 PM
From: Invader555

If you want to be techincal, Gary is a catfish. In real life he`d be consided a cat. See, these questions are weird.

" Stimpy, I feel sorry for you because of that little thing that yells at you. What is he supose to be anyway? A mosquito?" - Some random little girl, Stimpy`s Fan Club. The Ren and Stimpy Show


I`m such a nerd, I KNOW!


Date: 09/17/14 6:17 PM
From: krish2218

he is a cat fish witch i think is a snail ...??? he is a get it got it good

Date: 09/14/14 4:51 PM
From: uktamia

Gary is a mixed of both. Even though he`s a sea snail, he is also a cat fish.

Date: 08/20/14 7:10 PM
From: cornesh

no he is a sail but he say thing to think that he is a cat
>o< >o< >o< >o< >O< >o< >o<

Date: 08/20/14 2:05 AM
From: lily70938

if spongebob and gary where humans then he would be a cat so he is both

Date: 08/19/14 6:16 PM
From: jemmaluver

What else would snails say? He's just a snail and he's a boy.

Date: 08/19/14 2:44 PM
From: sophie21

snail and boy

Date: 08/04/14 3:01 PM
From: celestial3

Lol he is a snail but if he didn't say meow then what would he say? That's why. Plus of course Gary's a he because have you heard a girl named Gary?

Date: 08/04/14 2:15 PM
From: gracie0006

tectnicaly HE would be considered a CATFISH.

Date: 08/04/14 12:17 AM
From: mrpippy

Technically no, he is the sea equivalent to a cat, which is a snail.

The sea equivalent to a dog is a worm.


Date: 08/03/14 8:14 PM
From: cpestock

gary is not a cat he is a snale

Date: 07/07/14 6:44 PM
From: jrlb2003

HERE KITTY KITTY... oh I was calling for gary

Date: 07/07/14 4:44 PM
From: zoezoe6

Gary is a cat because he says meow. so he is a cat.

Date: 06/11/14 12:33 PM
From: riboot

well he is a snail and i think he is a cat because he goes meow

Date: 06/10/14 7:26 PM
From: Raingutter

Yes, if u say no, explain the "MEOW".

Date: 06/09/14 11:25 PM
From: happyfrend

well, the snail is like a cat but in the sea! and, yes, gary is a he! :)

Date: 06/09/14 9:29 PM
From: luvme111

He is a snail.
It is just how hes made. (the part where you said meow.)

Date: 06/09/14 12:53 PM
From: giggles24

Gary's a snail silly!

Date: 06/09/14 2:08 AM
From: mwduncan

First of all let me answer the first question. If Gary were a land creature he would be a cat, but since he lives underwater he is a snail. Secondly, Gary is a boy, how do I know this, well in one episode he tries to follow this girl that he likes, meaning he is a boy. Hope you are satisfied with my answers.