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Who do you sound like when you sing?

Date: 09/07/13 11:04 AM
From: ally9876

i want to know..........who do you think you sound like when you sing? for me it really depends. when i sing slower selena gomez songs i sound just like her. listen to the song ghost of you by her, and i sound just like that. and then sometimes i sound like Bridget mendler. but have you ever heard the song titanium by david guetta ft. Sia? i can sing that song perfectly.
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Date: 04/08/14 1:53 PM
From: TKDGuy5555

Congratulations, ally9876. You have the highest topic on this board with 79 posts! Very good job! Have a nice day and congratulations!

Date: 03/11/14 10:55 PM
From: DigiAngel

@GothicGeek (It's RoyalStar9, by the way)
I have recorded myself, and I sounded fairly high pitched. X3
Now I'll try ENGLISH, since my voice apparently goes up a octave singing in Japanese (DON'T. ASK.)
...I need to fix that... O.o

Date: 03/11/14 7:47 PM
From: taylorh925

I sound like Whitney houstan and sometimes Taylor swif.

Date: 03/11/14 5:00 PM
From: rainbow694

One time I was sick and my (talking) voice sounded JUST like Jennifer Lawrence's! It was weird! As for my singing voice, I don't sound like anyone in particular. But I do have fantasies about me having the most amazing voice in the world. I wish they were true.



Date: 03/09/14 11:37 AM
From: GothicGeek


yeah, though you only hear it slightly deeper. Like, have you ever recorded yourself on your phone/iPod and listened to yourself? I don't know what it is, but whenever I do, I sound deeper and... just weird, haha.

Like I said, the best thing is to ask friends who you sound like. Because you can SAY you sound like one person, and sound completely different. And we ALL know, some people just. can't. sing. PERIOD.


Date: 03/06/14 3:38 PM
From: beachpro90

i sound like a girl when i sing even when im a boyo

Date: 03/05/14 10:00 PM
From: nina1fanm

Though I do have my own voice and I don't really sound like him people have told me I have a certain Patrick Stump(Lead singer in Fall Out Boy) quality to my voice. Which is a HUGE deal to me because 1) I'm obessed with both FOB and Patrick solo album called Soul Punks 2) He has incredible range and an insane unexplainable quality to his voice.

Date: 02/22/14 10:05 PM
From: SparklGurl

@patay, thts what i sooo do not like to!!!!! its like i either take violin or choir.....i cant do both!!!! why cant i have TWO music electives, and then just take lunch time health like everyone who chooses to do a language and music??? why cant i do music and music????? and i really want to try choir next year, but my mom says if i take a break from orchestra for a year that pretty much means im done with it....but i would pick it up again the next year!!!!!!

Date: 02/21/14 10:29 PM
From: patay

Ok lets get past that but... Well I know who I sound like....well my voice is unique. Actually, my old music teacher, out of 100 kids, picked me and two others to have a solo in a concert! It was so fun! She said I was a good musician too because I play recorder, trumpet, and piano. Sad thing is, if you take band (trumpet) , you can't take choir

Date: 02/20/14 10:35 PM
From: 5sosfan111

My friends say I sound like someone from the girl band Little Mix like, Jade or Jesy. Also I was called Adele when I was young. Now it's like my own voice. But my friends say I will be famous when I grow up.

Date: 02/18/14 3:40 PM
From: RoyalStar9

@GothicGeek (From a while ago)
Then my voice must be INSANELY high-pitched. XD

Date: 02/10/14 10:27 PM
From: golley26


Date: 02/03/14 9:42 AM
From: RoyalStar9

Yeah, some people just need to lighten up....

Date: 02/02/14 3:53 PM
From: SparklGurl

@royalstar exactly! we're just comparing ourselves for fun! there's no harm in that!

@patay well of course we dont actually sound just exactly like the celebritys! its just fun to compare yourself to a famous person! its just for fun!


Date: 01/28/14 10:19 PM
From: RoyalStar9

You do realize...that this was just put out there for fun? It's not meant to be taken seriously. We're just comparing ourselves...

Date: 01/28/14 10:17 PM
From: RoyalStar9

*Talking like a robot* Or DO I?!?!?!?
Everyone else: ...KYAAAAAA!!!!!!! *Runs away*
Me: *Normal voice* Wow, wow, that's real nice. -___-
Anyway, I'm glad to help~! ^-^ *Huggles*

Date: 01/28/14 11:32 AM
From: patay

@acesblade good job! I have to agree with the FACTS. You cant argue against the Facts acesblade put in there.
P.S- I am surprised all of your voices sound like stars! I know MY voice sounds like MYSELF.

Date: 01/27/14 9:16 PM
From: Dashfire25

I act as other characters from cartoons when I sing

Date: 01/23/14 9:01 PM
From: cheesegum

First of all, it's who do you THINK you sound like. And also, is there a problem with self-confidence?

Date: 01/23/14 2:16 PM
From: girfan20

Well, I mostly sound like a character from Hetalia in the Japanese dub, and I don't know why! XD