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Who do you sound like when you sing?

Date: 09/07/13 11:04 AM
From: ally9876

i want to know..........who do you think you sound like when you sing? for me it really depends. when i sing slower selena gomez songs i sound just like her. listen to the song ghost of you by her, and i sound just like that. and then sometimes i sound like Bridget mendler. but have you ever heard the song titanium by david guetta ft. Sia? i can sing that song perfectly.
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Date: 01/23/14 2:14 PM


Date: 01/23/14 12:03 AM
From: miku5884

LOL! Yeah I don't think you would sound like a computer either! Thanks 4 making me laugh I'm kinda sad about some stuff and I didn't think I was going to laugh today. But when I laughed it sorta helped so thanks again

Date: 01/10/14 8:18 PM
From: Acesblade

I have to agree with patay. I can promise you that at least half of you guys claiming you sing like Ariana Grande or some other Nick/Disney star are lying, or at least stretching the truth a whole lot when in reality, you're a 9-14 year old girl who doesn't sound like those celebrities. Their voices are physically more mature & yours are not. (Don't even try telling me yours is, because it's fully mature at age 25) I'm not saying you guys are bad, but seriously, our voices are unique, so stop saying you're something you're not. (Especially those who say your voice is a mix of 3+ singers. All those different tones & ranges & everything else would cancel each other out) Plus, you guys are all aware that your singing voice in your head sounds much better/different than what you sound like to others, right?



Date: 01/10/14 7:26 PM
From: Kittenqt

I sound like a mixture of Taylor Swift and Miranda Cosgrove.

~SugarKitty Out


Date: 01/09/14 7:34 PM
From: savvy05

i sound like Ariana Grande when i sing !

Date: 01/03/14 12:56 PM
From: kiki0278hj


Date: 01/02/14 11:17 PM
From: RoyalStar9

My best friend tells me I sound like a mix of Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, and Adele when I sing. :3 (And possibly a bit of Miku Hatsune...'cause I'm high-pitched...that's my opinion. No, I do not sound like a computer. XD)
I think that's good~~!!!!!



Date: 01/02/14 7:34 PM
From: jester2002

A lot of people tell me I sound like Adele but when I sing Royals by Lorde my friends say I sound just like her.

Date: 01/02/14 4:32 PM
From: 30stmfan01

I sound like myself sometimes a young taylor swift.
When I talk I can sound like Jennifer Lawrence.
Most of us are too young to tour.
And cant get a record deal for multiple reasons.
You can always try local auditions but most singers go to LA or start trying to make their dreams come true when they are 18, sometimes, 20, 21, 16 or 17.

Date: 01/02/14 3:34 PM
From: reebtoor

mine is swift and the singer from paramour

Date: 01/01/14 10:45 PM
From: Dashfire25

Wait, I VA but not a VA. depends.

Date: 12/30/13 1:44 PM
From: URSAwolf

I hardly sing, but I think I sound like i'm talking and singing at the same time. I hardly sing because I don't any lyrics of my favorite song

Date: 12/29/13 8:50 PM
From: cheesegum

1. Not all of us want paparazzi, crazy fans, no privacy.
2. Not all of us can go out and get a record deal.
3. Not all of us are even really old enough to be on stage, traveling the country and world.

Date: 12/05/13 6:49 PM
From: kibug09

my freinds say i sound like carrie underwood i think thats weird though cuz im only 14 and shes like 30

Date: 12/04/13 6:14 PM
From: love2surf

I agree with moomoo001 I sometimes sound like a dying goat when I sing. I guess it depends on the song, because I can sing Timber- by Ke$ha, fine, but then I go and try to sing a song with some sort of funky high note...

Date: 12/04/13 6:12 PM
From: hulkfan

Well,Victoria justice,Ariana Grande,Jennett Mcurdy,Kelly Clarkson,Beyonce,and Rianna. I've been to three talent shows in a row,a spanish talent show,region choir auditions,and sang for the head director of band on his birthday.I SING AWSOME.*so proud*

Date: 12/04/13 5:30 PM
From: h2ojustaw

@patay: Cause i don't have a record deal. If i did, you would be seeing me at concerts left and right. (Hopefully)

Date: 12/03/13 8:58 PM
From: ls12

I sound like one of those crazy people on American Idol. You know, the ones that go there and get 5 nos? Yeah, I sound just like that. In other words, I SOUND TERRIBLE!!!

Bowties are cool


Date: 12/03/13 4:24 PM
From: 2skrillex2

My friends tell me I usually sound like Mandy Moore in her songs from Disney's Tangled..........but IDK

~2skrillex2 #skrillex4ever


Date: 12/01/13 12:15 AM
From: wholfga

I also sound like Lorde occasionally