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Song Reviews

Date: 03/12/14 8:35 PM
From: guppeh

There's two on here so far, and I thought maybe expand it so other people could here other opinions. One thing that needs to be addressed

1. No songs with inappropiate meanings and words

So suggest as much as you would like, and I would reviewing some of my favorite songs.

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Date: 07/01/14 1:02 AM
From: AtGfFan

Rude by Magic!
Brokenhearted by Karmin
Hello by Karmin

Date: 06/04/14 4:15 PM
From: aris610

How about No Ordinary Love by Memphis May Fire?

Date: 06/02/14 3:38 PM
From: Mad60517

New list (sorry):
Move Along (All-American Rejects)
Circles (All Time Low)
Set the World on Fire (Black Veil Brides)
First Date (Blink-182)
Diary of Jane (Breaking Benjamin)
Grenade (Bruno Mars)
Bring Me to Life (Evanescence)
Thnks fr th Mmrs (Fall Out Boy)
So I Thought (Flyleaf)
Long Way Down (Goo Goo Dolls)
Who I Am (Imagine Dragons)
Breaking the Habit (Linkin Park)
Cold (Matchbox Twenty) <3
It's a Beautiful Day (Michael Buble)
Stop and Stare (OneRepublic)
The Only Difference... (Panic! at the Disco)
Fences (Paramore)
Stained Glass Eyes and Colorful Tears (Pierce the Veil)
Do It Now, Remember it Later (Sleeping with Sirens)
And Around (Tabitha's Secret)
Over My Head (Cable Car) (The Fray)
Nothing (The Script)
Til My Head Falls Off (They Might Be Giants)
Animal I Have Become (Three Days Grace)
Give Myself to You (Train)

"C'mon, just snap, snap, snap your fingers for me." -Panic! at the Disco


Date: 05/17/14 4:15 AM
From: dynimo


Date: 05/06/14 11:13 PM
From: NerdCat10

Can you please do these once you have time?

1) Monster by Imagine Dragons
2) Raging Fire by Phillip Phillips
3) Ain't it Fun by Paramore

Thanks! c:



Date: 05/04/14 1:07 PM
From: narnia05

shot me down


Date: 05/01/14 10:57 PM
From: guppeh

Song: What I Like About You

Artist: 5 Seconds of Summer
Rating: (of 5 stars)

Comment on the Song: This song seems very early-2000's, and it was very rock-ish. It was an amazing song, and I would totally recommend it to anyone who likes pop-rock music. I give it a
Song: Disconnected

Artist: 5 Seconds of Summer

Comment on Song: I loved this song! They harmonize very well, and the beat was so catchy. I kept going with the beat. The vocals were amazing, and overall it's just amazing! I give it the seal of


Date: 05/01/14 3:24 PM
From: Mad60517

Cold by Matchbox Twenty <3
Fences by Paramore
Til My Head Falls Off by They Might Be Giants
Shiver by Maroon 5
50 Ways to Say Goodbye by Train
Long Way Down by Goo Goo Dolls
So I Thought by Flyleaf
My Immortal by Evanescence
Crawling in My Skin by Linkin Park
Diary of Jane by Breaking Benjamin
Nothing by The Script
Stop and Stare by OneRepublic
Grenade by Bruno Mars
It's a Beautiful Day by Michael Buble
And Around by Tabitha's Secret
You Won't Be Able to Be Sad by The Break and Repair Method
I Am the DJ by Neon Trees

"Cuz that's just who I am this week." -Fall Out Boy, "Sugar We're Going Down"


Date: 04/20/14 8:25 PM
From: Kittenqt

Wings by Little Mix
Enchanted by Taylor Swift

Date: 04/20/14 8:20 PM
From: goblue0318

Do a review on Complicated by Avril Lavigne. Don't worry! It's one of her songs with 0 swearing. Also do Hello Kitty by Avril Lavigne. Again, 0 swearing.

Date: 04/20/14 12:34 AM
From: guppeh

She Looks So Perfect by 5 Seconds of Summer
3/4 (3.8 out of 5 stars)
The song was decent. The instruments were flawless. I felt that the vocals used a teeny bit too much autotune. The "hey"s were a little to repetitive for my taste, and the lyrics were really repetitive. I give the seal of .

Heartache on the Big Screen by 5 Seconds of Summer
3/4 (4.9 out of 5 stars)
This song is amazing, and I see this as the anthem for a crush. I love the lyrics. My only concern is that I felt that the guitar overpowered the drums. I give the seal of .

The Only Reason by 5 Seconds of Summer
(5 out of 5)
This has a minor problem, but not a huge one. The song is amazing, and nice change from the usual dance song. The instruments and vocals are amazing. But, I couldn't really here there singing that much, especially with Frozen playing in the loft. Overall, I give the seal of .


Date: 04/15/14 10:32 PM
From: guppeh

I will not be posting reviews on Sunday, but instead I'll be posting reviews on Saturday.

Date: 04/15/14 5:39 PM
From: 2skrillex2

How about:

Waltz Moore by From First to Last

Summit by Skrillex

~2skrillex2 #skrillex4eva


Date: 04/14/14 8:09 PM
From: reable10

She looks so perfect by 5 Seconds of summer
Heartache on the big screen by 5 Seconds of summer
The only reason by 5 Seconds of summer
What I Like About You by 5 Seconds of summer
Disconnected by 5 seconds of summer
Try Hard by 5 Seconds of summer
Wherever you are by 5 seconds of summer
Three cheers for five years (orignal and acoustic)by Mayday Pardare
Boy by Little mix
About the boy by little mix

Date: 04/13/14 9:24 PM
From: guppeh

Can you please post requests? I need to review songs.

I'll be posting my reviews every Sunday.

"Why you gotta be so mean?" -Mean by Taylor Swift


Date: 04/05/14 11:46 AM
From: guppeh

Heart of Dixie by Danielle Bradbery
(5 out of 5 stars)
OMG! This song is like Taylor swift's whole 'Fearless' album. I don't know if it's on the radio, but this song is better than all the other country songs. The instruments are fabulous, her singing is fabulous, and I just love the lyrics of the song.

Fearless by Taylor Swift
(8 out of 5 stars)
OMG! This song just brings back memories, and it is just amazing! On my playlist, I literally have her whole 'Fearless' album. I'm literal, if you give me a Taylor Swift song I will give it a really high rating. This song is amazing!

Counting Stars by One Republic
1/2 (4.5 out of 5 stars)
I love this song, but I didn't care for the instruments. Overall, the lyrics were good, and so was the singing. It's just my personal opinion.

Parallel by Kendall Schmidt
(4 out of 5 stars)
The song is good. I liked the singing, instruments and lyrics. It seemed a little to pop-ish. It was a very gentle song, but I didn't care for the genre.


Date: 03/19/14 9:08 AM
From: ILuvQuotes

Parallel By Kendall Schmidt (His first official/Studio Version solo single!!!)

Date: 03/17/14 10:53 PM
From: DAshfire25

Hm: Counting Stars!

Date: 03/16/14 1:50 PM
From: SwiftieGal


Danielle Bradbery - The Heart Of Dixie
Taylor Swift - Fearless


Date: 03/15/14 5:00 PM
From: guppeh

Anyone? :ddd