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Is anyone a 5 Sauce Fan? (AKA 5 Seconds Of Summer & 5SOS)

Date: 04/21/14 7:11 PM
From: LuvAustinM

So Encase anyone that clicked on this that isn't a fan of 5 Sauce just so you know & your not confused.5 Seconds Of Summer is there official name,but the shorten version is 5SOS.Alot of people pronounce it as "5 Es-Oh-Es" (That really annoys me & like every single member of the 5SOSFam on the planet) but it is actually pronounce as 5 sauce.So anyway is anyone here a fan of them? I am. I sadly wasn't here from the beginning (Which a lot of other fans Criticize you for) But that's not because I didn't think they weren't talented back then it's just because I didn't hear about them in till like 2 months ago when one of my friends told me about them.So please don't judge me or anyone else saying they aren't a true fan because they weren't here from the beginning because I would have been here from the beginning if I knew about them then & I am sure that is how all of the other new members of the 5SOSFam Feels & also Ashton wasn't even here from the beginning never mind us.So this is a Topic that all of the 5 Sauce fans can come together and talk about the boys.So I'll get Started.What's Your Favorite song? & Who is your favorite member?

I don't really have a favorite.It all just really depends on what mood I am.Some days I am Loving Try Hard.Then some days I am jamming out to Wherever you are & Disconnected.And then next thing I know I am singing along with the guys about American Apparel Underwear :D So I don't really have a favorite.And I don't really have a favorite band member either.Some days I am a Micheal girl,Then I hear Ashton's adorable giggle & read about how he went out & signed all these autographs that day,Then I am A Calum Girl.Then I look at our Tall Awarded Penguin (Luke) beautiful blue eyes & then I am a Luke Girl.Honestly I am like all in One.I am just a 5SOS Girl! :) And I think we all have to agree even if you are a certain members girl you have a soft spot for all the other guys.So my fellow 5SOS Lovers Start fangirling away

LuvAustinM (Bri), Geek4Ever, ILuvQuotes, LuvJB4Ever, Luv5SOS
They don't understand.
They think of them as nothing more than a band
But did it ever cross there minds
That it is just not a band
To that girl who sits in her room
Covered in posters of that band
And listen to their music on repeat
Because That very band is
The only reason she hasn't given up.

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Date: 08/25/14 6:19 PM
From: LightxRain

I wouldn't call myself a fan, but I like some of their songs.


"These words are my own from my heart flow."
~ These Words by Natasha Bedingfield


Date: 08/24/14 8:53 PM
From: anthrax66

Everyone on my Varsity field hockey team talks about them all the time. I can't take it anymore.

I keep thinking they're saying "vinesauce", and I love vinesauce, so it always ends in disappointment...


Date: 08/13/14 2:21 PM
From: LuvAustinM

Aw.Sorry to hear that. Well I am sure they will do another concert near you in the future. Don't lose Hope! I am sure one day you will see them in concert & maybe even meet them! :D

Date: 08/12/14 8:28 PM
From: guppeh

I didn't get them only because the tickets were sold out.

Date: 08/11/14 12:29 PM
From: LuvAustinM

Hope U Get Tickets! Let me know if u do! :D

Date: 08/10/14 10:58 PM
From: guppeh

I might get tickets for their concert on November 13. Hopefully, I get to go. My favorite song is either Good Girls or English Love Affair or Voodoo Doll. I like all of them, but on the side of celebrity crush, I love Luke Hemmings.

Date: 08/10/14 10:32 PM
From: guppeh

I looking at the tickets for their Nov. 13 concert. Hopefully, my mom says yes! Give me hope.

Date: 08/10/14 3:09 PM
From: LuvAustinM

~*~ 5SOS Are Finally Touring America ~*~
So They released like 2 weeks ago that they are going on on a tour Next Year In America.. The tour is called "Rock Out With Your Socks Out" The Tickets went on sale Yesterday... And every single show is SOLD OUT! I got My Tickets!! They are coming to my town so before the concert I am going to walk around my town and see if I can meet them.This will be my second time seeing them perform.I saw them in June.The concert I am going to is on August 26th 2015 (It's So Far Away!!! I want to see them now!) ! So Did any of U Get Tickets?!

Date: 08/06/14 10:07 PM
From: guppeh

I love them! I'm listening to the full album right this second. Currently listening to 'Amnesia' sob:( sob.

Date: 07/16/14 1:46 PM
From: LuvAustinM

~*~ Luke Is 18 Today ~*~

Happy Birthday! Hope you have an amazing day!! After all you only turn 18 Once!!!


Date: 07/10/14 12:41 PM
From: luvmusic13

I love 5SOS! I've been a fan them since May 07, 2014.
I love all four of them :D. I really want to dye my hair because of Michael. I love all their songs i can't choose a fave. My current nail art is inspired by SmAsh :D



Date: 07/09/14 12:21 PM
From: LuvAustinM

The Boys just said that they are performing at the VMA'S this year!!!! Sadly they now can't open for 1D

Date: 07/07/14 11:56 PM
From: looloo3182

I LOVE 5SOS (I don't spell it like 5sause but I pre-nounce it that way!)

I can't chose a favorite though, I LOVE their songs heartbreak girl and heartache on the big screen


Date: 07/07/14 11:51 AM
From: LuvAustinM

Happy Birthday Ashton!!! You & the rest of the guys have stolen my heart with your music.I hope you keep on drumming for many more years to come!! Love You & I can't wait to see you & the rest of the guys in concert!!!!

~ LuvAustinM (Bri)
Yes I know that Ashton will probably never see what I wrote but I still wanted to post it.


Date: 06/30/14 9:23 PM
From: LuvAustinM

UM I'm not "Hating" And BTW It's not pronounced however people want to pronounce it.There is a proper way to pronounce & that is 5 Sauce.Even the guys from 5SOS Said that.So....

Date: 06/30/14 3:16 PM
From: xtarax

yyeessss yesyesyesyes

you are perfect and ily


Date: 06/29/14 4:25 PM
From: 1dfanyay

I think 5SOS rocks my favorites are she looks so perfect and dont stop!

P.S I love one direction waaaaaaaaaaaay more!
P.P.S 5SOS is pronounced anyway people want to say it so dont start hating on people who pronounce it 5 Es-Oh-Es


Date: 06/26/14 3:05 PM
From: LuvAustinM

The Album is all over the internet.I told myself not to listen to it & to wait until July 22 But I couldn't help it.I know some people disagree with listening to the album because they worked so hard on it & your "Not" supporting them because you are not waiting for the album,But I don't care I am still getting the album when it comes out.....The only difference is I will have already listen to every song 1,000 Times..... :D

~ BTRRusher, LuvAustinM (Bri)

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My Heart Stops
And My Stomach Flips
Because you may not know me
But I know you
And you may not know that I exist
But You're the reason
I still Do ~ Me About BTR, 1D, & 5SOS


Date: 06/26/14 12:05 PM
From: LuvAustinM

The Album Is Out Today in some countries!!! :D But America Has to Wait Until July 22nd for it to come out here...... Times like this I really Hate living in America .

Date: 06/15/14 11:29 AM
From: LuvAustinM

The EP Comes Out Tomorrow!!! And The Album Comes out in 12 Days!!!!! And They made a song for the World Cup "Heart Upon Our Sleeves" & since the EP came out in other countries already.The songs are online & I listed to the new songs.And they Are amazing...Oh & I Also Have some great news (Well for me a least) ........ I AM SEEING 5SOS LIVE ON JULY 22nd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM SO HAPPY!!!!!!!

~ LuvAustinM (Bri)
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