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*NerdCat's Song Reviews* c:

Date: 05/02/14 5:55 PM
From: NerdCat10

Good evening fellow message-boarders. So these Song Reviews seem to be a thing now. o_o Anyway, you know how this works: just comment songs and I'll rate them. Please keep the songs clean and nothing by Miley Cyrus. Thanks, I'll do them as soon as I can! ^u^


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Date: 10/16/14 11:26 PM
From: fluffy9926

Wings- Little Mix
Best Friend's Brother- Victoria Justice

Date: 10/15/14 7:23 PM
From: NerdCat10

Hallelujah by Paramore, requested by Fina28
Rating: 5.4/10
Review: The lyrics are pretty decent, and they scream "pop rock". The guitar was very nicely used, and the vocals suit it very well but could've been sung a lot faster. The overall song just sounds a bit too 'typical pop rock', and it seems as if the band put a lot of thought into the lyrics but the rest of the production seemed a bit "thrown together at the last minute."

Thnks fr the Mmrs by Fall Out Boy, requested by lolwifi
Review: Clean songs, please. It's not entirely bad, just really, really, really suggestive.

Lego House by Ed Sheeran, requested by lolwifi
Rating: 7/10
Review: The lyrics are absolutely fantastic, but just a bit repetitive. I'm not a big fan of Ed's vocals, but the overall tune of the song and use of instrumentals are so great and calming they almost mask the slightly-annoying sound to Ed's vocals.

Superhero by Cher Lloyd, requested by cool4369
Rating: 4.8/10
Review: I don't care for the lyrics at all. The beginning of the song is pretty great with the music, but I find Cher Lloyd's little-girl vocals so atrocious they mask the fantastic background music entirely. If anyone else sang this and changed the lyrics a little this would be a great song. I will give the song credit for the very catchy music, and I'd listen to any version of this that doesn't involve Cher Lloyd singing.

Until the End by Breaking Benjamin, requested by Fina28
Review: Clean songs please.

The A Team by Ed Sheeran, requested by lolwifi
Rating: 7.6/10
Review: I like the lyrics, they definitely tell a story. Ed's vocals are okay, and they don't seem as annoying as I usually find them. The backup vocals are subtle but a fantastic addition to the song, and the instrumentals are very calming. I could see this song getting tedious to listen to after a while, though.

Date: 10/12/14 1:17 PM
From: cool4369

Superhero by Cher Lloyd. I watched it all night so it's in my head 2-day.

Please pick this song oh plz!!!

Date: 10/09/14 6:40 PM
From: NerdCat10

Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana, requested by lolwifi
Rating: 8.7/10
Review: I pretty much grew up with rock music, so this is a definite favorite of mine. Anyway, the lyrics are certainly... interesting. The vocals are bordering unintelligible, but that's Nirvana for you. xD Also quite possibly has one of the best guitar solos in the history of every song ever written.

Lost in Paradise by Evanescence, requested by Fina28
Rating: 8/10
Review: I love the lyrics, they're very meaningful and well-thought-out. Very nice piano at the beginning and throughout the song, and Amy's vocals are absolutely beautiful here. The overall song is very calming, and I love the hard-rock sound it earns later on.

I Don't Care by Fall Out Boy, requested by lolwifi
Rating: 7.6/10
Review: The lyrics are okay, but definitely very... suggestive. The guitar opening is fantastic and stays that way throughout the whole song. Patrick's voclas are also great and suit the song very well.

Born For This by Paramore, requested by Fina28
Rating: 5/10
Review: I like the lyrics, I can tell the singer put a lot of thought into them. A bit repetitive, though. I don't care much for the vocals, but the guitar was pretty well-used. Not much stood out to me in the overall tune, though.

Tell Me Where You Are(Acoustic) by Hit the Lights requested by Fina28
Rating: 3/10
Review: I don't care much for the lyrics, they just seem a bit plain. I don't like the vocals at all, but the piano was pretty calming to listen to. The overall song, though, just seems a bit too plain.


Date: 10/04/14 7:01 PM
From: lolwifi

Lego House- Ed Sheeran
A Team- Ed Sheeran

Date: 10/04/14 6:56 PM
From: lolwifi

thnks fr th mmrs by: Fall Out Boy
I Don't Care by: Fall Out Boy
Smells Like Teen Spirit by: Nirvana

Date: 10/02/14 9:19 PM
From: Fina28

HMM lemme think of some songs from my Ipod!
Okay imma ready!
Hallelujah- Paramore
Born for this-Paramore
Evanescence- Lost in Paradise
Hit the lights- Acoustic
Breaking benjamin- Until the end.
Well thats all I can think of

Date: 09/30/14 7:50 PM
From: NerdCat10

????? The last review didn't post. Sorry! I think A Love Like War wasn't reviewed(Clean songs. Please.), Backseat Serenade got 6.7/10, That's What She Said by The Janoskians wasn't reviewed(Clean songs please.), and Set This World on Fire by The Janoskians got 5/10.

Plant Life by Owl City, requested by ls12(she requested these for me from another site.)
Rating: 8/10
Review: I love the lyrics, they're very artsy and well thought out. The instrumentals are very light-hearted and fun to listen to, and the distinct vocals fit amazingly well with the rest of the song.

Scab and Plaster by Marina and the Diamonds, requested by ls12
Rating: 7.6/10
Review: Well, this is certainly an interesting song. A lot of different meanings and messages in the lyrics at once. I like the music, it sounds very 80's pop-like. The song itself has a very fun and light-hearted tune to it, which makes it very catchy to listen to.

Bel Air by Lana del Ray, requested by ls12
Rating: 7.5/10
Review: Very nice lyrics, and the piano was very well used. I don't care much for Lana's vocals, but the overall tune of the song is very deep and dark-sounding, reminding me of "My Immortal" by Evanescense.

Jenny by Studio Killers, requested by ls12
Rating: 4/10
Review: The lyrics are very nice, and I like the beginning music to the song. But I don't understand how it goes from pop punk to tropical to EDM... not the best choice at all. Plus, the vocals sound slightly weird and unnatural.

Fun by Troye Sivan, requested by ls12
Rating: 3.4/10
Review: The immensely repeititve lyrics bother me. The background music is pretty catchy, but something about the singer's voice doesn't sound good at all. He sounds like he's pretty bored while singing.


Date: 09/22/14 8:55 PM
From: guppeh

Sorry, I didn't remember the rules. I'm sorry! It's my mistake.

Date: 09/21/14 5:27 PM
From: nerdcat10

Bang Bang by Jessie J ft. Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj, requested by omgitzvik
Rating: 6.8/10

Don't by Ed Sheeran, requested by omgitzvik
Rating: 6.5/10
Review: I said clean songs please. o-e But I've heard it on the radio so I can still review it. For starters, the lyrics are kind of typical highschooler-romance-then-breakup-one-month-later type(At several points in the verses, all I can say is "That escalated really, really, really quickly."). Anyway, I usually find Ed's vocals just plain atrocious but they were used very well in this song, so I'll give it credit for that. The instrumentals are used extremely well and I'd definitely listen to the instrumental version of this.

Time Bomb by All Time Low, requested by guppeh
Rating: 5.6/10
Review: Well. These are certainly some interesting lyrics, if they're about what I think they're about, anyway. The singer has okay vocals, they just sound kind of plain for a song that could've been executed a lot better with a bit more "metal rock" feel to it. The instrumentals are great, but like I said before, the song would do much better if it were sped up in a metal rock tune.

Weightless by All Time Low, requested by guppeh
Review: I said clean songs please. o-e

Somewhere in Neverland by All Time Low, requested by guppeh
Rating: 5/10
Review: The lyrics fit very nicely into the "wishful thinking type" category. I don't care much for the vocals, but the instrumentals are kind of well used. They still sound kind of bland to me though, just a little bit. The overall tune itself was nicely executed, I'd only ask for better vocals and slightly better instrumentals.


Date: 09/16/14 10:57 PM
From: guppeh

*These are all All Time Low Songs*
-Somewhere In Neverland
-A Love Like War
-Backseat Serenade

Date: 09/16/14 9:29 PM
From: omgitzvik

Don't by Ed Sheeran (Unless you've done that one)
That's What She Said by the Janoskians
Set This World on fire by the Janoskians
Bang Bang by Ariana Grande, Jessie J, and Nicki Minaj

Date: 09/16/14 8:54 PM
From: NerdCat10

Cool Kids by Echosmith, requested by Elsa596
Rating: 7.3/10
Review: The lyrics are very interesting and meaningful, and I love the singer's vocals because they sound so natural and realisitc. The instrumentals were very well-used, and have a great tune to them. As a result, the whole song is very catchy. My only complaint would be the slightly repetitive chorus near the end.

Lock You Up by Charli XCX, requested by ls12
Rating: 5.5/10
Review: I like the lyrics, they're very fitting for a love song. The music sounds kind of fun, but kind of annoying at the same time. Charli's vocals sound so, so raspy though... what the heck...? At several points in the song, though, the vocals get lost in the music. The music and tune, however, get better as the song progresses.

Happy Little Pill by Troye Sivan, requested by ls12
Rating: 4.5/10
Review: I really don't care for the lyrics, considering what they're about. The vocals are okay, though relatively bland, as are the instrumentals. The instrumentals sound so faded, but in a few places in the song they sounded more calming than bland.

Run-Time by Imogen Heap, requested by ls12
Rating: 4.7/10
Review: The lyrics are okay, and a bit interesting too. I don't care for the vocals at all, however, as they sound so high-pitched and unnatural. The music is very interesting and original, and the overall tune is relatively catchy.

I'm all out of requests now, so feel free to post more!


Date: 08/25/14 3:47 PM
From: NerdCat10


I only have three songs left you requested, Keep Moving by Hyde and Beast, How Long by New City Kings, and Promised Land by Peasant's King. But were these just bands on American Idol or something, because I can't find the YT lyric video or version on the other music site I use anywhere. I'm so sorry for the inconvenience. Want to request any more songs?

Hey Bully by Morgan Frazier, requested by oreoeyes
Rating: 4.3/10
Review: The lyrics are cute, but I don't really care for the country tune of the song. Morgan's vocals sound very real and natural, not autotune-abused like most songs, which is great. The instrumentals are okay, but could've been used much better in several places.

Beauty Queen by Foxes, requested by ls12
Rating: 7/10
Review: I like the lyrics a lot, because though a bit repetitive they have a very deep meaning. The lyrics sound a little too high-pitched, but I love the overall tune of the song. The chorus is very nicely executed and extremely catchy.

Let Go for Tonight by Foxes, requested by ls12
Rating: 6.7/10
Review: The lyrics are okay, a little unoriginal, but could be a lot worse. Foxes's vocals sound a lot better here than they did in Beauty Queen, and the tune is very calming and fun to listen to.

Don't You Worry Child by Swedish House Mafia, requested by bluetacos
Rating: 6/10
Reviews: The vocals are way too throaty and have an "I-just-woke-up" atrocious sound to them. I do like the interesting, storytelling lyrics though. The use of EDM is amazing, and almost makes me forget about the terrifying vocals. xD

Who You Are by Unspoken, requested by bluetacos
Rating: 3.4/10
Review: The lyrics are very deep and not too repetitive. I don't care that much for the vocals, as they sound too plain, and the overall tune of the song sounds like they tried to make a relaxing sound, but got a very dry one instead. Not much that stands out besides the lyrics.


Date: 08/22/14 12:43 PM
From: elsa596

Cool Kids-Echosmith


Date: 08/21/14 6:08 PM
From: NerdCat10

Chandelier by Sia, requested by Bluetacos
Rating: 6.6/10
Review: I have mixed opinions on the lyrics. It's mostly stereotypical party song, only much more well-worded, and the singer seems to regret it at the end. So it's very interesting, but her vocals sound a bit like Rihanna, especially at the beginning. The background music is amazing and fits very well with the overall tune, which is very catchy.

Take My Hand by Charli XCX, requested by ls12
Rating: 4/10
Review: The lyrics are relatively typical-love-song, and not at all original. The techno at the beginning is awesome, though. Charli's vocals sound way too autotuned and, well, completely fake. Still, I'll give the song credit for the great use of techno music.

Good Riddance by Green Day, requested by lolwifi
Rating: 7.6/10
Review: The lyrics are great, but limited. The vocals are very calming, and the use of instrumentals are very well-fitting for the song. The overall tune is very relaxing, I just wish it was a bit longer.

Don't Judge Me by Chris Brown, requested by omgitzvik
Rating: 3.8/10
Review: The lyrics are just 'eh', and unoriginal. While reading them I imagined the song a lot faster, and it'd definitely sound better that way, in my opinion. The vocals are okay, and he managed the whispery-but-not-too-whispery tone of voice. The overall tune is kind of boring, though.

Human by Christina Perri, requested by bluetacos
Rating: 7/10
Review: I'm not one for slow songs, but this is awesome. The lyrics are very beautiful, and Christina's vocals are very calming. The instrumentals are good, but could've been used better in a few parts. The overall tune is very relaxing.


Date: 08/17/14 9:20 PM
From: bluetacos

Hmm let's see...

Human by Christina Perri
Chandelier by Sia
Who You Are by Unspoken
Don't You Worry Child by Swedish House Mafia

Again, skip the ones you have already done.


Date: 08/17/14 4:42 PM
From: ls12

Hi! Can you do:
Beauty Queen by Foxes
Let It Go For Tonight by Foxes
Run-Time by Imogen Heap
Happy Little Pill by Troye Sivan
Lock You Up by Charli XCX
Take My Hand by Charli XCX



Date: 08/16/14 10:22 PM
From: NerdCat10

I've done Classic already. Want to request any more?

Who wrote Shell Shocked? I looked it up, and found several different artists who sang it.

Healer by Kali Jobe, requested by Looloo3182
Rating: 8.5/10
Review: I love the lyrics, considering that they're Christian. The vocals sound very good at some points, but a bit too whispery in others. The instrumentals are very calming and beautiful, but if Kari improvised her vocals a bit she'd have a great gospel song, greater than it already is.

Don't Stop by 5 Seconds of Summer, requested by guppeh
Rating: 4.7/10
Review: I feel like I give the same review for every 5SOS song: bad vocals, relatively stupid lyrics, but good instrumentals and overall tune: which is exactly the case for this song. o_e Considering just about all of 5SOS's songs are about the exact same thing, it gets very, very tiring. I'm not one for the vocals, but I'll give them credit for the great use of guitar.

Vanilla Twlight by Owl City, requested by lolwifi
Rating: 8.5/10
Review: Wow. These are some impressive lyrics, they're so incredibly poetic and well-worded. I love Owl City's vocals, and the instrumentals are very soothing. Still, I wish they were a little bit faster. Amazing song overall.

Bind Your Love by Cher Lloyd, requested by omgitzvik
Rating: 6/10
Review: For Cher Lloyd, the lyrics are relatively good. Could be better, could be worse, but on account of Cher Lloyd here they're pretty nice. The music is awesome and very catchy, but I despise her vocals here. I've always thought her vocals sound too little-girlish.

Stubborn Love by The Lumineers, requested by luvbunny9
Rating: 5.5/10
Review: The lyrics are okay, but I love the background music. Still, I really don't like the stop-start-stop-start tune of the song, and it doesn't flow well at all. I do like, however, the vocals, they're very country sounding. I don't even like most country vocals, which really says something. xD

I'm so sorry for the wait. I had this typed up for nearly 3 or 4 days, but there was some glitch where I couldn't post anything. It's fixed now, so I'll go back to regularly posting reviews.

Date: 08/10/14 2:33 PM
From: bluetacos

If you have not reviewed it yet...MKTO - Classic
If you have already done it than just skip it