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Am i the only one sick about party songs?

Date: 05/26/14 12:54 PM
From: arepink

I hate party songs. They have no meaning to them. I like soft pop and older pop her are some artists from now and then that I love. Feel free to post your onion.
One Republic
Older Paramour(when Haley was still a rock singer and the used real instruments)
Imagine Dragons
Colbie Caillat
Christina Perri
Kelly Clarkson
Most Avril Lavinge
Nathsha Beningfeild
Yeah so tell me your opion about party songs.
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Date: 06/29/14 11:26 PM
From: fabina127

I like it. Some songs are amazing with amazing concepts.

Date: 06/27/14 10:25 PM
From: NerdCat10

Agreed. The thing I hate about most modern/party songs is they have absolutely no meaning in the lyrics, nothing that sets them apart from other songs. I like little-to-none party songs, and if I do it's just for how catchy it is. And as for musicians I like OneRepublic, Imagine Dragons(Best band to walk the face of the earth.), and Train too.

Date: 06/26/14 5:37 PM
From: GothicGeek

For the most party, I am a major fan of alternative/indie music, but I think "party music" has a time and place.

For instance, a summer party isn't complete without all those teenage girls dancing with the boys while singing along to Katy Perry!
Or you're at a school dance and your best guy friend and you are acing that breakdancing act while Rihanna pours out of the huge speakers!
And lets not forget when you and your gals are strolling, arm and arm, turning heads, while Taylor Swift is singing about never getting back together!

So yeah, it can be annoying, but I cant hate on it. Like I said, it has a time and place. And we're in summer now, so it fits perfectly ^.^


Date: 06/18/14 3:33 PM
From: smile240

I don't like party songs!


Jenny and John sitting in a tree



Date: 06/17/14 12:30 PM
From: Andrea745

Some of the party songs are ok to me, but I perfer 80's and 90's music

Date: 06/17/14 9:14 AM
From: Elsa596

The spongebob theme song isnt a love song.

Date: 05/26/14 4:51 PM
From: rainbow694

It's kind of annoying that most songs are either about love or partying. I miss the days when artists had more variety in their song topics.