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Owl City fans

Date: 06/15/14 3:58 PM
From: celestial3

Let's just talk about Adam or should I say the best singer ever! I am a true Hoot Owl (his fans' name)
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Date: 07/30/14 8:21 PM
From: ls12

I love him! My favorite songs are Galaxies, Wolf Bite, Beautiful Mystery, Dear Vienna, and Cave In.



Date: 07/29/14 12:46 PM
From: lolwifi

My fave song is Vanilla Twilight!

Date: 07/26/14 11:44 PM
From: sunfairy15

love the song Shooting Star by Owl City!

Date: 06/28/14 9:45 AM
From: oueng5

I love fireflies
What's ur fav song?