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Artist Reviews!!!!!

Date: 06/25/14 2:02 PM
From: rainbow694

After multiple attempts at song reviews, I decided to start something different: Artist Reviews! It works basically like song reviews, only you give me a singer/band/any other type of music artist (DJ, Vocaloid, etc.) and I will give my thoughts on them! And when requesting an artist, I would like it if you gave me two of their songs to check out in case I haven't heard of them. I'm willing to do any artist, so please give me some requests!


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Date: 07/08/14 6:19 PM
From: kaylee5230

so I am going to give u three of my All time fave artists

Demi Lovato ( Unbroken and Made in the USA )

Chris Daughtry ( Home and Superman )

One Direction ( Kiss You and Up All Night )


Date: 07/07/14 8:31 PM
From: TDparty17

I like Skrillex, even though he is one of the most controversial singers I know. I've heard 2 of his songs. (Bangarang, and Rock and Roll Will Take You to The Mountain)

Date: 07/07/14 6:36 PM
From: glee34576

R5 (Band)

Some songs are

Pass Me By
One Last Dance


FYI: R5 ROCKS is not a song.I just wanted to put that on there.


Date: 07/07/14 5:01 PM
From: 2skrillex2


he is amazing, and some songs are;

Ease My Mind
All I Ask of You
Fire Away
Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites
First of the Year (Equinox)
Burst (with 12th Planet and KtN)

~2skrillex2 #skrillex4eva


Date: 07/07/14 3:46 PM
From: LuvAustinM

Big Time Rush (Cover Girl & Invisible)
5 Seconds of Summer (She Looks So Perfect & Amnesia)

Date: 07/07/14 3:07 PM
From: TDparty17

Evanescence (Bring me to Life and My Immortal)
Ke$ha (We R Who we R and Die Young)

Date: 07/07/14 11:29 AM
From: oueng5

Demi Lovato (neon lights)

Date: 06/28/14 12:55 PM
From: AtGfFan

Miley Cyrus (old Miley to new Miley)