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Anyone else hate most of mainsteam?

Date: 06/29/14 6:21 PM
From: Snookibob8

Seriously, Fancy is annoying, I hate Ariana Grande, I don't really like MOST Hip-Hop/rap, and my favorite stuff is Of Monsters and Men, The Old Owl City, Rock, Marina and the Diamonds, Florence and the Machine, etc.

Seriously, Mainsteam is ANNOYING! (I hate the song Happy, too...)

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Date: 08/01/14 10:47 PM
From: relaeh

I don't like most but I do like a few, the others are fine in moderation even though I would prefer other songs, but the thing is that all of the radio stations play the exact same songs...over, and over, and over again

Date: 07/21/14 7:16 PM
From: Snookibob8

Exactly what I'mObsessed said, some songs are good, like Chandiler, and I cant spell. Modern music is great, mainstream is just...not great. The only really good mainstream was Nickelback. (That's why I listen to the Pop HIts, it has good songs, and the good mainstream songs! Or at least some of 'em, LIKE CHAILDER! :D)

Date: 07/21/14 3:40 PM
From: ImObsessed

I'm definitely not big on mainstream. I like a few songs, but a lot of the popular songs are annoying!!!
What bugs me the most is when people say "the music of today is terrible!" No. You're just not looking hard enough. There's plenty of AMAZING music nowadays that's NOT mainstream.

Date: 07/21/14 1:57 PM
From: SheWolf99

Okay Snooki, I made a revised list
1 Let it go is: so bad its good/Decent, but not the best Disney Song.
2 Rap/Hip-hop can be good, only 2 so far. Jwittz and Luigi Faint Stare.(And PBG)
3 Fancy is a bit more annoying, but unlike "Repeat something 'cause WHY?", it is "Detailed".
4 Happy is -_-, but i DISLIKE RS'CW, my way of saying "Turn Down for WHAT"

Date: 07/20/14 11:05 AM
From: lolwifi

What do think about Green Day (anyone can answer)

Date: 07/02/14 1:46 PM
From: rainbow694

It depends. Some of the really popular songs (Fancy, Let It Go, Turn Down For What, etc.) are really annoying, but some mainstream songs aren't too bad.



Date: 07/01/14 7:14 PM
From: Snookibob8

Let It Go is Disney, so it has an excuse.

Date: 06/30/14 1:44 PM
From: SheWolf99

1 Well, Fancy isn't as annoying as the song I shall not mention.(Let It Go)
2 Arianna is a better actress.
3 The main rapper I like is Jwittz.(Hence I have a Hoppip named J-wiz)
4 Classic fan, Snooki.
5 Well, Snooki, "Happy" is the main thing I agree with on you.

Note: I also like retro music.