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Date: 07/08/14 7:31 PM
From: KBGurl

I'm really really into Kidz Bop's cover songs but when I read reviews on iTunes they treat it like it's worse then Justin Biber!! (who is really bad, let me tell you!)

Are there any KB fans out there? Free buddy request to all Kidz Bop fans!!


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Date: 07/20/14 10:55 AM
From: lolwifi

If you are gonna listen to music listen to REAL music not some high pitched 8yr olds making covers (i'd rather listen to Justin Bieber)

Date: 07/18/14 4:34 PM
From: LightxRain

The only reason I would listen to Kidz Bop is if the advertisement is on television and the show I want to watch will resume/begin soon afterwards. Otherwise, I don't even bother myself to listen to their music.

Apparently, you really like Kidz Bop, and I hope my opinion won't offend you in any way whatsoever, but when they sing, it's basically auto-tune. The lyrics get changed a lot to the point where, sometimes, it doesn't even make sense. Many times, the words they change aren't even inappropriate.

I get that younger kids like you like the songs because it's more appropriate, but I'd personally just listen to the original or listen to someone else cover the song.


"If you're broken, I will mend you, and I'll keep you from the storm that's raging on."
~ Lego House by Ed Sheeran


Date: 07/17/14 6:52 PM
From: InspectorQ

Kidz Bop is decent, it gives kids a chance to be discovered as artists (I wish I had that chance), but it changes some of the lyrics in certain songs, and that's kind of irksome. If I listen to a cover of something, I'd like to hear the original lyrics, you know what I mean? Kidz Bop is okay to listen to, I don't mind it, but I prefer the original music (Unless it cusses alot and they changed the lyrics to make it clean in the cover)
Just my opinion.

Date: 07/16/14 11:13 AM
From: xkatekatex

no way i HATE kidz bop! Why not just listen to the real song instead of kids just copyrighting? I mean if they actually W-R-O-T-E songs to sing then i wouldnt h=ate them so much. i just dont understand why anyone would think that listening to kids singing other peeps song is good??? This is just what i think!!!



Date: 07/15/14 8:47 PM
From: kaylee5230

sorry that wasn't me (kaylee5230) that was my brother (cmpunk610) account. for some reason on our computer when ever I'm on and he gets on after me ( and yes I make sure I log out ) if he post something it always uses my user name. don't know why it's very strange. here is my real opinion on kids bop: I like it. though I think the orginals are better. but I like that its gives kids a way to show off their musical talent. and they all have pretty good voices. I'm glad to see that someone else like kids bop like I do. almost everyone I know hates kids bop (like my brother who just said his opinion below )
please send me a friend request

P.S. whenever I post something I usually put my user name at the end for that reason


Date: 07/15/14 5:02 PM
From: icarlyfanl

me! i don't get why they treat it so bad. it's the songs THEY like only sang by kids!

Date: 07/14/14 7:58 PM
From: KBGurl

#ruby02 and narnia05

Whew, I'm glad I'm not alone on this. I'll be sending that buddy request now.


Okay, that's fine but thanks for not blowing up like kaylee5230 and haile1234.

#kaylee5230 and haile1234

Okay, okay, I respect your opinion but don't blow up on me!!


Sure, why not? at least you don't hate them. BTW I like your name.



Date: 07/13/14 2:43 PM
From: narnia05

yes I have kids pop 25

Date: 07/12/14 6:41 PM
From: equestria9

do i still get the buddy request if i answer with "neutral"?

if you say no i respect your choice


Date: 07/12/14 5:03 PM
From: kaylee5230

NO WAY!!!! I HATE kids bop. If I had to choice between being trapped in a cage with a tiger or listening to kids bop for a hour I would pick the tiger. The original singers are sooooo much better.

Date: 07/12/14 2:09 PM
From: rainbow694

Not me. If I'm going to listen to music, I would rather listen to the original instead of a cover.



Date: 07/10/14 11:53 PM
From: ruby02

me i love kidz bop

Date: 07/10/14 9:01 PM
From: haile1234