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Your top 10 favourite songs

Date: 07/09/14 9:01 AM
From: Race50

What is your top 10 songs?
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Date: 07/24/14 3:33 AM

1. Pounding Hear - SWEET SORROW
2. If Books Could Kill - Death Note Rap
3. I Can't Wait - Celldweller
4. Bad Pitched - Insan3Lik3
5. Sunlight - Modestep
6. Moratorium Experiment - Hatsune Miku
7. So Much Loving You - Hatsune Miku
8. Omake Pfadlib - Lollia cover
9. Sandy Weeds - VERTUEUX
10. How To Be A Heart Breaker - Marina and The Diamonds

Date: 07/21/14 9:23 PM
From: KBGurl

1. Monster High Fright Song
2. Let It Go
3. Let it Rock
4. We are Monster High (I'm obsessed)
5.Dark Horse
6. Love Story
7.Tik Tok ( a CLEAN verison)
8.Hot 'n Cold
9.Fire Burning
10.Explosive (It's a classical piece by Bond)

All of these are fine.



Date: 07/12/14 7:27 PM
From: alexa9968

Wrapped around your Finger- 5SOS
She Looks So Perfect- 5SOS
Fancy- Iggy Azalea
Problem- Ariana Grande
If You Don't Know- 5SOS



Date: 07/12/14 2:00 PM
From: MLP5134

1. Cafeteria Song- My Little Pony Equestria Girls
2. EG Stomp- Official MLPEG Music Video
3. EG Stomp Rainbow Rocks version- MLPEG Rainbow Rocks Music Video
4. Time to Come Together- MLPEG Movie
5. Strange New World- MLPEG Movie
6. Roar
7. Wake Me Up
8. Dynamite
9. Story of My Life
10. Every Single MLPFIM Song


P.S. None are in order.


Date: 07/10/14 7:41 PM
From: 4EverGrace

Welp,I have actually tons but here are a list of my top 10 :
1.) Voodoo Doll -5 Seconds Of Summer
2.) English Love Affair -5 Seconds Of Summer
3.)18 -5 Seconds Of Summer
4.)Try Hard -5 Seconds Of Summer
5.) Jasey Rae (It's old school 5SOS xD)
6.)Lost Boy -5 Seconds Of Summer
7.) Everything I Didn't Say -5 Seconds Of Summer
8.)(Honestly,this is so cliche but..) Don't Stop - 5 Seconds Of Summer
9.) If You Don't Know -5 Seconds Of Summer (Lukeypoo and Ash's solo though )
and 10.) Social Casualty -5 Seconds Of Summer.
Yes,they're all by the same artist... -.-'