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Song Reviews by LS12!

Date: 07/30/14 8:19 PM
From: ls12

Hey guys! I'm back. The website changed and I'm back from vacation! You guys can give me requests!

Just some rules before you do!
1)No metal or rap and don't give me a lot of country.
2)Don't rush me please!
3)Don't get mad if I give your favorite song a bad review. I don't have to like everything.

If you want, you can ask me to review songs on MSP (I'm xxLittleDanosaurxx there)

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Date: 10/30/14 5:47 PM
From: omgitzvik

Pentatonix- White Winter Hymnal (Fleetfoxes cover)

Date: 10/29/14 9:28 PM
From: nineteensi

Nothing but you and I-Keith Harkin
don't forget about me-Keith Harkin
Amazing Grace-Celtic Thunder
a place in the choir-Celtic Thunder

Date: 10/25/14 6:40 PM
From: pinkie8777

Dark Horse-Katy Perry
Love Me Harder-Ariana Grande?

Stay cool and calm and collected
P.S I like Bang Bang but ya know opinions and life

Date: 10/13/14 4:06 PM
From: ls12

That'sxWhatxShexSaid by The Janoskixns- .2 out of 5
One Of Those Nights by Shawn Mendes- 1.2 out of 5
Show You by Shawn Mendes- .5 out of 5
The Weight by Shawn Mendes- .4 out of 5


Date: 10/13/14 4:03 PM
From: ls12

bad_news by Bastille
out of (5 out of 5)
WOW. This is perfect. I love the lead's vocals. He has such a nice tone. His voice fits this kind of song. The lyrics are very straightforward but phenomenal. My favorite part of it is the song's production. I love music like this. It's electronica mixed with alternative and it's perfect. I think I have a new favorite song
Riptide by Vance Joy
1/2 out of (4.5 out of 5)
What a cute sounding song! His voice is very unique and has a nice quality. The song has a very tropical and peaceful feel to it. I don't understand what the song means but the lyrics sound interesting.


Date: 10/13/14 3:41 PM
From: ls12

Shine by Laura Marano
out of (2.0 out of 5)
Her voice doesn't suit this kind of tempo. Her range is very limited and it sounds boring. The lyrics are positive but it's too cliche. The production is very amateurish and simple. It gets very weird during the bridge. If she did a high note, I'd be amazed. However, I don't think she CAN do any high notes, which is a major shame. Overall: This was like any typical song and was very simple.


Date: 10/04/14 12:59 PM
From: omgitzvik

I have another request.
Fire Starter by Demi Lovato
And, you're welcome! :)

Date: 09/27/14 11:09 AM
From: rainbow694

I also agree COMPLETELY on Bang Bang. When it was announced that they were making it, I was pretty excited and I thought that the song would be great. But I was wrong, because I don't like the song at all! It's really overhyped and I think people like it solely because it's a collaboration between three huge stars, not because it's actually any good. Give it to three unknowns and nobody buys it. Give it to Jessie, Ari, and Nicki, it's a huge hit. I almost always agree with your opinions, but I especially agree with you on Bang Bang. Keep up the good work!


Date: 09/25/14 6:55 PM
From: ls12

Thanks for the compliment!

Date: 09/24/14 5:36 PM
From: omgitzvik

I SO agree with you on Bang Bang. They've should've not put Nicki. I'm sorry to Nicki Minaj fans, but, to me, she made this song SOO much worse.
Since you're a great song reviewer, please do my requests! :)
That's What She Said by The Janoskians

Date: 09/23/14 6:52 PM
From: ls12

Bang Bang by Jessie J, Ariana Grande, and Nicki Minaj
out of (1.2 out of 5)
Oh my... This is terrible. I don't even know where to even start. Well, I guess I should put my 2 cents in and say putting 2 strong vocalists like Ari and Jessie wasn't a good decision. It sounds like they're trying to oversing each other and they sound like they're trying really hard to. The lyrics didn't make any sense to me. It's extremely repetitive and nonsensical. It seems like they're just talking about getting a guy's attention. Nicki didn't add anything to the song. Her verse was at pointless as the entire song (unfortunetly). The ending did sound a bit catchy, I'll admit.


Date: 09/23/14 6:44 PM
From: ls12

Fireproof by One Direction
1/2 out of (3.5 out of 5)
Once again, this isn't my kind of music. However, it's extremely mature for them. Their vocals were top notch. The harmonies were flawless. Zayn sounded amazing like always. The lyrics are like any 1D song, tbh. It's about them being in a love with a girl. Big surprise -__- The production was too simple also. It's just the same chords over and over again.
Big Mistake by Ariana Grande ft. Big Sean
1/2 out of (3.5 out of 5)
This isn't so bad. The beat and piano sound great together. It's too simple and repetitive but I don't mind it too much. I had no idea what Ariana sang through the verses. I only understood the chorus. Her vocals sound very smooth though. I didn't care much for Sean's verse. At least it was short. I'm surprised how good Ariana sounded (if only she could sing more clearly ;-;)


Date: 09/23/14 6:34 PM
From: ls12

Little Talks by Of Monsters and Men
out of (5 out of 5)
This song is just... breath-taking. I was extremely happy (and surprised) to hear something like this on mainstream radio. The lyrics are extremely creative and unique. I love how it's just telling a story. The vocals are amazing. They're very mellow and it's quite relaxing. Overall: It has a very natural and folkie feel to it and it's absolutely perfect.
Human by Christina Perri
out of (4.3 out of 5)
Well, this isn't really my kind of music but I still like it. She sounds so monotonous during the verses, as if she has no emotion. I guess it gives a good effect, considering the song's meaning and she sounds powerful during the chorus and the bridge. It's still very dreary though. The production is very simple but lovely. The lyrics are too repetitive and that's the major flaw about it.


Date: 09/21/14 3:57 PM
From: omgitzvik

That's What She Said by The Janoskians
Summer Love Song by Brooke Hyland

Date: 09/20/14 4:42 PM
From: ls12

Boom Clap by Charli XCX
out of (4.4 out of 5)
This is probably my favorite song that came out this entire summer! Her voice sounds so natural, which is very different than most of her older songs. Nice to see she isn't overusing autotune anymore. The lyrics are very sweet and unique. I'm not sure how well it relates to The Fault in Our Stars but it's a great love song.
Love Runs Out by One Republic
1/2 out (4.5 out of 5)
Wow! This is amazing! It's another amazing track from Native. Ryan's vocals were top notch, like always. He has a great tone and he did a great job vocalizing at the ending. The beat and production is very unique. If you didn't stomp or dance along while listening to this, I can't believe you. It's very soulful and retro. The lyrics are amazing. I would have thought it was a love song but it's not. Overall: It's amazing.


Date: 09/17/14 3:03 PM
From: SailorE

Could you do:

Shine - Laura Marano

Hey Alice - Rachel Macwhirter

With Me Now - Rachel Macwhirter

I'm Finally Me - Laura Marano

Date: 09/16/14 7:49 PM
From: elsa596

Could you do Boom Clap by Charli XCX?

Date: 09/14/14 3:16 PM
From: 101nessy

plesse do fireproof by 1d

Date: 08/24/14 9:05 PM
From: patay

Muppets Most Wanted- I'm Number One
Muppets Most Wanted- Sequel
Muppets Most Wanted- Big House
Bang Bang- Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaji, Jessie J
Best Mistake- Ariana Grande

Date: 08/23/14 8:40 PM
From: ls12

She Looks So Perfect by 5 Seconds of Summer
out of (3.2 out of 5)
Meh. I love how it's very punkish. Clearly, they're inspired by early pop punk bands. The lyrics were not interesting at all. They were very cliche and nonsensical. Their vocals were okay. Michael sounded fantastic (even though he only had one verse ;-;).
Best Day of My Life by American Authors
out of (4.4 out of 5)
This is was a pretty unique song on the charts for a while. It's an indie rock song and you barely see that very high on Billboard's Hot 100. The lyrics were very creative and tell an interesting story. The vocals were good. It's very distinctive. I love the instrumental. It's really unique.