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Song Reviews by LS12!

Date: 07/30/14 8:19 PM
From: ls12

Hey guys! I'm back. The website changed and I'm back from vacation! You guys can give me requests!

Just some rules before you do!
1)No metal or rap and don't give me a lot of country.
2)Don't rush me please!
3)Don't get mad if I give your favorite song a bad review. I don't have to like everything.

If you want, you can ask me to review songs on MSP (I'm xxLittleDanosaurxx there)

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Date: 08/23/14 8:29 PM
From: ls12

Forget Forever by Selena Gomez
out of (2.2 out of 5)
This is too teenish. The lyrics were very immature. Of course, her vocals were purely autotune and sounds very robotic. The production wasn't that good. It sounds too much like something a new Disney Channel star would make (yes, I know Selena was one but when she made this, she was long gone from Disney).


Date: 08/23/14 8:25 PM
From: ls12

Love Will Remember by Selena Gomez
1/2 out of (1.5 out of 5)
Eh. Her vocals were very cringey. She's trying to hit a lot of notes her range won't allow, especially during the chorus and the first verse. The lyrics were sappy. Clearly, she's talking about her and Justin's off and on relationship. The production is very messy. The piano mixed with the dance beat is not a good combination at all.
Undercover by Selena Gomez
1/2 out of (3.5 out of 5)
Her vocals were covered with autotune. You can tell when she's hitting the high notes and the "oh" and "yeah" hooks were pure autotune. The instrumental is very early 2000s club music and danceable. Great synth usage in it. The lyrics were not interesting though. I don't know what she's talking about at all.


Date: 08/23/14 8:18 PM
From: ls12

21 Guns by Green Day
out of (5 out of 5)
This is just perfect. The message of the song is amazing. It's very patriotic and it's an amazing power ballad. The lead's voice is perfect. He has an impressive range and such a mellow tone. The chorus' hook and the guitar solo were just amazing. I would mention the string version of this song is also just as lovely as the original.


Date: 08/23/14 8:13 PM
From: ls12

A Thousand Years by Christina Perri
out of (4.3 out of 5)
Her voice gives me goosebumps. It's so beautiful and very calming. I'm not fond of the fact this is from Twilight *cringes* but it's lovely. The lyrics are a bit sappy (not a shocker) but aren't so bad. The waltz tempo was a lovely effect and makes it a perfect wedding song. Her voice was the highlight of this though. It has such a nice tone in this and her high note was lovely.


Date: 08/23/14 8:07 PM
From: ls12

You and I by One Direction
1/2 out of (3.5 out of 5)
This is okay. The lyrics aren't that bad. It's really generic but it's very mature, especially for a group like 1D. The key changes was a very nice touch to it and the mood of the song was very elegant. The boys did a very good job in this. Harry was amazing during the chorus and Zayn's high note was spot-on.
Let It Go by Idina Menzel
out of (4.4 out of 5)
Frozen.. I still have mixed feelings on this movie, tbh. The song is quite lovely. The lyrics are very motivating and describe Elsa very well. Its instrumental's pretty. I wish it was mostly string and the piano was only used during the chorus. Idina's vocals were spectacular. Not as amazing as she was in Defying Gravity but it was still very good. The only problem I have with this is that it's extremely overrated.


Date: 08/23/14 7:52 PM
From: ls12

Shake It Off by Taylor Swift
out of (1.2 out of 5)
I really didn't like this at all. No, it's not because I don't like Taylor. I prefer when she made country music. The instrumental is extreme;The lyrics are extremely immature. It seems like a teenager wrote them. Her vocals are okay. Overall: Miss Taylor, please stay with your country roots.

I did this review before but it didn't publish ;-;

Date: 08/23/14 10:50 AM
From: rainbow694

Welcome back! You're still my favorite song reviewer on here. Here are a couple requests:

-Human by Christina Perri
-Little Talks by Of Monsters And Men
-Love Runs Out by OneRepublic
-Best Day Of My Life by American Authors
-She Looks So Perfect by 5 Seconds Of Summer (Guilty pleasure)


Date: 08/22/14 6:18 PM
From: patay

Glad your back!!
Love will remember- Selena Gomez
Shake it Off- Taylor Swift (It's stuck in my head lol)
Undercover- Selena Gomez
Forget Forever- Selena Gomez
Thank you ls12 (aka my favorite song reviewer!!)

Date: 08/22/14 2:25 PM
From: ls12

I Write Sins, Not Tragedies by Panic! At The Disco
out of (4.9 out of 5)
EEEEP! You don't how big my smile was when I saw this being requested! It's one of my favorite. The lyrics are extremely fun and interesting. It tells a story and the video goes great with it. Brendon sounds FANTASTIC (like always)! The instrumental's amazing too! Overall: It's a classic.


Date: 08/22/14 2:00 PM
From: ls12

Amnesia by 5 Seconds of Summer
out of (3.3 out of 5)
The lyrics are generic. It's like any other break up song. Their vocals didn't amaze me so much. Maybe when they perform it live, they would be more emotional but in the recording, Cal and Luke sound like robots. Overall: The mood of the song is really calming but it could have been done a lot better.
The Only Reason by 5 Seconds of Summer
out of (4.2 out of 5)
I have mixed feelings on this. It's a little too slow, I think. The lyrics were okay, a little generic and sappy but I've heard way worse. Their vocals were very good.Overall: If the lyrics were less repetitive and it was at a faster tempo, I'd enjoy it a lot more.


Date: 08/22/14 1:51 PM
From: ls12

Don't Stop by 5 Seconds of Summer
1/2 out of (3.5 out of 5)
I love 5sos and all but I wouldn't say this is their best song so far. The lyrics remind me a lot of One Direction, sorry. It's too immature. The video was amazing. Also, their vocals are really good, especially Luke's. Overall, it's a good summer song for tweens.
If You Don't Know by 5 Seconds of Summer
out of (4.8 out of 5)
This is one of my favorite songs! Luke sounded fantastic here. His voice had a great tone! It was very calming. The lyrics weren't amazing but they were a lot more mature than most of their other songs. Ash did an amazing job too. Overall: It's just perfect.


Date: 08/21/14 11:22 PM
From: guppeh

21 Guns by Green Day
Wake Me Up When September Ends by Green Day
I Write Sins Not Tragedies by Panic! At The Disco

Date: 08/21/14 6:06 PM
From: icarlyfanl

plz rate shake it off by taylor swift.

Date: 08/21/14 1:40 PM
From: ls12

I'm almost done with reviews so you can request some more


Date: 08/19/14 1:29 PM
From: ls12

Life of the Party by Shawn Mendes
1/2 out of (2.5 out of 5)
His voice is really nice, I'll admit that. This kind of song projects his voice very well. I can tell from the comments, girls LOVE this song and they want him to sing it to them. Oy. Anyways, I was mislead by the title. I thought it would be a dance song but it's not. The production was too boring, in my opinion. What I really didn't like about this was its lyrics. It's nothing unique. I've basically heard 3 other songs with practically the same lyrics.


Date: 08/19/14 1:16 PM
From: ls12

I Wish I Could Break Your Heart by Cassadee Pope
out of (3.2 out of 5)
The lyrics are really immature. If it was a teen singing, I could be a little bit more lenient. However, I'm pretty sure she's not a teen. Her voice is okay. Her voice is more suitable for rock music than country. But, in this case, she sounds good. The production is decent. There's nothing for me to rave about this.


Date: 08/19/14 12:30 PM
From: ls12

Salute by Little Mix
out of (4.3 out of 5)
This reminds me a lot of Beyonce and Destiny's Child. It's very empowering. The lyrics tend to be a little too repetitive but with the message it's trying to send, it's okay that's it's repetitive. The military drums is a great effect. Their vocals are okay. Perrie really should have had a solo. This kind of song is PERFECT for her voice, unlike a lot of other LM songs she has solos in. However, the rest of the girls sounded good.


Date: 08/19/14 12:08 PM
From: Love2Etc

Can you review these:
1)You and I by One Direction
2)Let it go (movie version)
3)A thousand years by Christina Perri

That is it for now. Thanks! :)

Date: 08/17/14 5:01 PM
From: ls12

Storm Warning by Hunter Hayes
1/2 out of (1.5 out of 5)
I didn't like this at all. Yes, I might be a little biased since I don't like country music so much but that's not the reason why I don't like it. The lyrics are not interesting at all. It just repeats the same thing over and over again (pratically). The production is like any other mainstream country song.


Date: 08/17/14 4:55 PM
From: ls12

Parachute by Laura Marano
out of (4.1 out of 5)
Woah. This is good! Her voice is okay, nothing unique about it. It's still very plain and I didn't like how she pronounces "fall" in the chorus. The lyrics clearly have to do with Austin being her parachute. I don't if they're dating or not, I don't watch the show. The production was absolutely AMAZING! It goes very well with the lyrics. I'm surprised how good this was.