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Anybody like MLP songs? (If not, explain why you don't)

Date: 08/26/14 6:06 PM
From: MLP5134

I LOVE all MLP songs, but here are my favorites:
10. May the Best Pet Win
9. Flim Flam Cider Song
8. The Failure Song
7. At the Gala
6. Stitching it Together+ Reprise
5. True True Friend
4. Winter Wrap Up
3. The Smile Song
2. This Day Aria
1. Babs Seed
And the people who don't like MLP songs, tell me why you don't like them. Daniel Ingram does a wonderful job with these songs. Everybody else, I want to see what you think of my choices, and what your choices are.
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Date: 08/27/14 4:55 PM

these are my favorites.

1.cafateria song (mlp eg)
2.this day aria (a canterlot wedding)
3.the art of the dress reprise (suited for success)
4.heart as strong as horses (flight to the finish)
5. its what my cutie mark is telling me (magic mystery cure)
6.this is our big night (mlp eg)
7. what a strange new world (mlp eg)
8. babs seed (one bad apple)
9. cutie mark crusaders song (the show stoppers)
10. generosity/apple family song (rarity takes Manehattan and pinkie apple pie)

your a ~tigrispo~
P.S. I was not just copying youMLP51234


Date: 08/26/14 6:25 PM
From: LOKorra12

My faves:
1. What My Cutie Mark is telling me
2. This Day Aria
3. Smile
4. Babs Seed
5. True True Friend
That's all....