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Happy Birthday Logan!

Posted on Sep 14, 2013

Logan Henderson Bday 2013 1

Did you hear? It's Logan Henderson's birthday today!! And even though we've already been celebrating 24/Seven, we thought we'd send a little extra love to this bday boy just for kicks. Check out the top five reasons why this BTR singer gives us a total Rush, in honor of the day of his birth! Oh, and wish him a happy birthday, would ya?

Logan Henderson Bday 2013 2

Here's the top 5 reasons this bday boy brings on the Rush!
5. He's got an adorable nick name. Word on the street is that his mom calls him Logie Bear. True story.
4. He's got great hair. No explanation needed. He is in a boy band after all.
3. He's got a killer voice. Duh! No brainer on that one.
2. He has the best dimples out of all the boys of Big Time Rush (sorry Carlos).
1. He's from Texas. Hey, southern accents rule!

Now that we've successfully listed out all the reasons why we heart this awesome southern singer, there's just one thing left to do... PARTY!


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