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Jennette Hits the Emmys!

Posted on Sep 17, 2013

Jennette Hits the Emmys 1

Guess who rocked the Creative Arts Emmys this week? That's right. It was the cast of iCarly! Jennette McCurdy celebrated her all star reunion while attending the red carpet soiree that honors the best names in entertainment. And she was nice enough to send us some of her sweetest snaps! Awe, look at that great big happy family. Group hug!

Jennette Hits the Emmys 2

But let's not forget one very important thing... Jennette's outfit choice! She sent us this quick pick of her duds before stepping on the scene to show it off for the paparazzi.

Jennette Hits the Emmys 3

You're probably used to seeing her in jeans and tee-shirts when she's rocking Sam Puckett's look on Sam and Cat. But for the Emmys, Jennette busted out the glam! There's no way you'd believe that a few weeks ago this perfectly polished lady was eating ribs by the bucket on set (... best job ever).

Jennette Hits the Emmys 4

And for the cherry on top of a great look, Jennette paired her fuchsia sweater and bright yellow mini skirt with a gorgeous up do! Nothing says "fashionista" like perfect-looking locks.

Jennette Hits the Emmys 5

And let's not forget to give this gal major props for her accessories! Jennette bejeweled herself with a dazzling necklace, studded pumps and a tiny black clutch to match.

Jennette Hits the Emmys 6

But she brought two extra accessories that we didn't expect... her iCarly co-stars, Noah Munck and Nathan Kress! Now that's how you work a red carpet. Love the reunion spirit, guys!


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