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Happy Birthday Kendall!

Posted on Nov 2, 2013

Kendall Birthday 2013 1

BTR Rushers worldwide, you know what time it is -- it's time to start spilling your bday shout-outs, 'cause it's Kendall Schmidt's birthday! As any true Kendall fan would know, this Big Time star has been giving it all he's got since he first stepped onto the scene. So when it comes to dishing on our fave things about him, choosing is easy! Catch the top five reasons we heart him most, right here.

Kendall Birthday 2013 2

1. His dreamy voice!
2. His pet pig, Yuma! She's pink, tiny and totally adorable. We OINK her to pieces.
3. He's multi-talented! Why just sing when you can act, play guitar and dance? Kendizzle does it all. And for that, we give him two thumbs up!
4. He loves his fans! When J-14 asked him about his best fan gift ever, Kendall said, "I just really dig when people are casual about saying hello. I'm just a young guy chasin' his dreams, hoping to inspire others."
5. It's his birthday! On a scale of one to ten, Kendall is about a million. But he's especially cool on his bday. So, don't forget to send him some wishes! Happy birthday Kendall!


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