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Ariana's Flying Shoe!

Posted on Apr 3, 2013

Ariana's Flying Shoe 1

Did you know? Ariana Grande's shoe can fly! No, it didn't sprout wings and it hasn't been sprinkled with magical fairy dust. But it has been known to soar through the air, all on its own! In an interview with, Ariana explained that her most mortifying moment was the time her shoe flew!

Ariana's Flying Shoe 2

"My most embarrassing moment on stage would probably be when I was doing 13 on Broadway, my shoe came off a few times," she said. "And I had to like, work it into the choreography to go get it and pick it up and like, dance with it. It was very weird. But it was fun, it worked out."

Ariana's Flying Shoe 3

Okay, okay. So her shoe didn't exactly fly away, it just slipped off. But it was still pretty hectic to get it back! Good thing Ariana can pull off any mishap, no problem. She's a pro!


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