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Ariana's Artsy Room Makeover

Posted on Jul 20, 2013

Ariana Artsy Room Makeover 1

When you've got a creative streak like Ariana Grande, it's fun to dabble in all kinds of artsy activities. But in an interview with Seventeen, she revealed she once got a little carried away with the colors, and ended up in a bit of a painting pickle!

Ariana Artsy Room Makeover 2

Ariana dished, "The first time I got into major trouble, I was about 13, and my best friend and I decided to paint my brand new wooden floor in my room. We got puff paint and we cut off our jeans and made cute little shorts and we were like painting our jeans..." Woo-hoo, paint party! Wait, but this sounds dangerous. What went wrong with their colorful scheme?

Ariana Artsy Room Makeover 3

Well, Ariana continued, "And then we were like, 'OMG, wouldn't it be cool if we did your whole floor? And, like, some of the walls?' We were like, 'Yeah it'll be so cool.' And then we did it." Uh-oh. We bet Ariana's mom didn't like that one! But look on the bright side, at least she had a super cute room to be grounded in!


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