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BTR's Trivia Test

Posted on Aug 3, 2013

BTR Know Your Band Mates 1

The boys of Big Time Rush spend so much time together, they must know everything about each other... right? Well, Billboard just put them to the ultimate test! Do the guys know Kendall's current fave rap song? Or what Logan would do if he wasn't a big time pop star? Let's find out...

BTR Know Your Band Mates 2

So what kind of beats has Kendall been boppin' his head to lately? The boys made guesses from the Black Eyed Peas' "Where is the Love," to their very own song "Boyfriend" (which Kendall himself raps in). But the guys didn't pass the band mate test on this one, 'cause Kendall revealed his current fave rap song is actually Macklemore's "Can't Hold Us."

BTR Know Your Band Mates 3

Next, the boys were asked what kind of job Logan would have if he wasn't in BTR. Kendall had a very unique suggestion for Logan. "He'd be good at just giving compliments. A paid compliment giver," Kendall said. We sure wouldn't mind getting some flattery from this fella. But James thought Logan should have more of a jet-setting agenda. "If his job was to travel the world, he'd be psyched," James laughed.

The boys may have been stumped on Kendall's question, but James nailed it! Logan replied to the globetrotting idea with, "Well hey, maybe I'll give it a shot." As for us, we agree that he oughta travel the world... to give out compliments to all his fans! Great idea, right?


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