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Do The Robot!

Posted on Mar 13, 2013

BTR Dance Moves Do The Robot 3

When we hear a BTR jam, we just wanna move! Their upbeat tracks will do that to you. But what dance moves do you bust out when you hear the music elevating a little higher? The moonwalk? The slide? The funky chicken? Well, we know what moves the Big Time Rush guys love to show off on stage. In fact, Logan and James told ClevverTV about the one move they would do forever, until the end of time! So when space ships and alien lifeforms are zipping by, these guys will still be busting these moves....

BTR Dance Moves Do The Robot 1

"What about the robot?" Logan said. "Can't we not just have the robot be one of the last dances we do?"

BTR Dance Moves Do The Robot 2

And James added, "I was thinking, I mean, it's classic, the cowboy. Doesn't get old!"

So in the year 2072, we'll still be breaking it down to Big Time tunes with the circuit circle and the western-ly lasso. We think they're right. This really doesn't get old!


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