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BTR Hangs 24/Seven

Posted on Jul 31, 2013

BTR Hangs 24-7 1

When they're not filming together or performing music from their new album, 24/Seven, the boys of Big Time Rush are still hanging 24/7! And band member Carlos Pena gave Pennlive the inside scoop on just how close he and his fellow bandmates really are. "We actually hang out 24/7," he said. "It's kinda crazy. We're friends when we're not working... We're best friends."

BTR Hangs 24-7 2

If you've ever watched their show or seen them perform, you can see why the boys of Big Time Rush get along super smoothly. They're so similar! So, it's obvious why these guys are BFFs in real life. Being on stage with your best buds is just about the most awesome thing we can think of, and these guys get to do it every single day!

BTR Hangs 24-7 3

Their tour may be coming to a close soon, but BTR doesn't plan on letting their quality time end just yet. "We're planning a huge vacation after the tour," said Carlos. Regardless of where they hit up next, we know the boys will have a great time anywhere they go. All that matters is that they have their best friends by their side... at all hours of the day or night!


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