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Kendall Is The Calm One

Posted on Jun 13, 2013

Kendall Schmidt BTR Calm One 1

The Big Time boys are no strangers to mischief. Goofing off is what they do best! But there's one guy who can always keep the group calm, and that's Kendall. In an interview with Just Jared Jr., Kendall explained, "My character is always, you know, rounding up the troops and has maintained that for the past four seasons."

Kendall Schmidt BTR Calm One 2

But will Kendall's character lose his cool at any point during this season? He dished, "It's funny, I asked (creator) Scott [Fellows] for stuff more along the lines of what the other guys were doing, like more goofball stuff. My character always stays calm..." But wait, if Kendall doesn't keep the BTR boys in order, who will lead this wild pack of pranksters?

Kendall Schmidt BTR Calm One 3

Well, let's not count out Kendall's collected vibe just yet. He may get a shot at the mayhem and mischief, but being the sensible one is in his blood! That said, there's still tons of shenanigans in store. "There's some funny episodes in general," Kendall gushed. "I've been really excited for everyone to see them because you figure after four seasons we really get into a stride of our comedy and how we want to do the show."

Judging by the season so far, we're definitely in for a lot more laughs and tons of fun and games. Can't wait!


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