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BTR Gives Their Aliens Names

Posted on Apr 28, 2013

BTR Alien Names 1

Beep, blip, bloop... BTR can you read us?! Okay, so maybe we haven't mastered the language of the Klerg just yet. But we thought we'd take a shot at communicating with Big Time Rush's alien alter egos. If you didn't know, Big Time Rush crash-landed on Marvin Marvin last night in the awesome hour-long episode, "Big Time Marvin!" And SPOILER ALERT: We found out that a group of Klerg was posing as the band all along!

BTR Alien Names 2

But don't worry, the BTR boys aren't really Klerg in real life. But Carlos, Kendall, Logan and James definitely had a blast pretending. In fact, they even gave their aliens names in an interview with Cambio! Carlos said, his alien name would be "Neechi." How cute!

BTR Alien Names 3

And Logan gave his outer-space counterpart a silly name, too, blurting out, "Blort!"

Even though these names are totally made up, we've gotta say, they've got a nice ring to it. So, if BTR ever plans on moving to a place like Klooton, they've already got their titles ready to go! But what would they rename the band?


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