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BTR's Mashed Potato Marathon

Posted on Jul 10, 2013

BTR Mashed Potatoes 1

The boys of Big Time Rush are pretty much pro athletes. After dancing on stage 24/Seven, swimming laps or running a mile is a total piece of cake! But does this mean they could nab Olympic medals in any event on earth? Well, that's still up for debate. During an interview with Wonderwall MSN, a fan asked the guys a seriously syrupy, majorly mashed up question that had to do with some pretty odd activities...

BTR Mashed Potatoes 2

The fan tweeted, "Would you rather swim 20 laps in a pool of syrup or run a mile on mashed potatoes? #randombutcool." Whoa. Now that's a question that could stump almost anyone! Just wondering... are pancakes allowed in the pool?

BTR Mashed Potatoes 3

Even though this question was a little bit odd, the guys had their expert answer all planned out! "Run a mile in mash potatoes #ThatWouldBeGravy," the boys chirped back. So, if the world's next Olympic games include any events in potato jogging, we know four guys that would be more than happy to enter into the competition. Now that is something we'd have to see!


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