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Summer Break Tour Preview

Posted on Apr 29, 2013

Victoria BTR Tour 1

Hold on to your hats, guys, 'cause we've got BIG news. Your fave music artists Big Time Rush and Victoria Justice are going on tour together this summer! Excited? You're not alone! In an interview with Fanlala, Vic said of the BTR boys, "I think they're awesome and super talented and a really fun group of people... I can't wait to meet all the fans and perform new music, it's gonna be awesome."

Victoria BTR Tour 2

And the show has already begun! BTR and Victoria gave everyone a taste of the goodness to come with an amazing concert at the House of Blues in West Hollywood. Does it get any better than this bunch of mega music artists rocking out together? We think not. How does a stage even support all that talent?

Victoria BTR Tour 3

Don't worry if you feel like there's still not enough Big Time Rush/Victoria action in your life, 'cuz there's definitely more to come. Vic and BTR are on tour all summer long!


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