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Buddy Pulls More Pranks!

Posted on Jun 15, 2013

Buddy Pulls More Pranks 1

If you know Wendell and Vinnie's Buddy Handleson, you know he's a HUGE prankster. So, we have good news for all you jokers-in-training, 'cause On The Spot Interviews got up close and personal with Buddy, and he dished on some of his all time best pranks.

Buddy Pulls More Pranks 2

So what does the master of mischief note as his finest work? "There was this set and there was a bucket of fake cockroaches... and so I put one on Nicole Sullivan's shoulder," Buddy spilled. "She freaked out and ran and they were like screaming and it was hilarious. Best prank I've pulled." Whoa... now that's some fine pranking right there.

Buddy Pulls More Pranks 3

But the funny business don't stop there! This joker has even pulled a DOUBLE prank. "I took a little clothes pin and put it on Jerry's clothes that he was wearing and then I blamed it on [costar Angelique Terrazas] and he still thinks it was her..." confessed Buddy. Seriously, is anyone safe from this guy's practical joke powers? These guy has got some serious talent for shenanigans.


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