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Carlos Hates Rushing?

Posted on Aug 5, 2013

Carlos Hates Rushing 1

We've got breaking news about BTR funny guy Carlos Pena! In an interview with Billboard, the star revealed one of his pet peeves that may be a little difficult to hear. Ready? Despite being in a band as awesome as Big Time Rush, it turns out that Carlos actually doesn't like to Rush! GASP!

Carlos Hates Rushing 2

Hold on a second... could this really be true? One of our favorite boy band mates on the planet doesn't like belting out "Boyfriend" as loud as we do? No way! That couldn't be real for a second. Carlos is a huge fan of all things BTR. The real news is, Carlos hates being hurried! "I hate being rushed," said Carlos. This BTR boy likes to take his time, and understands the importance of patience.

Carlos Hates Rushing 3

Kendall chimed in, "[Carlos] could be having a great morning, but if [you're] like 'No come on, we really gotta go', he'll be like 'OK, everybody relax!'" Well, we're relaxed just knowing that Carlos hearts his band and music just as much as we do. And if he has to take a few extra minutes to get ready before jumping on stage to perform, well, we can live with that. :)


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