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Celebrity Inventions: Jerry Tailor

Posted on Mar 27, 2013


We all know Jerry Trainor is no stranger to wacky inventions. As Spencer on iCarly, he was the mad scientist behind a more than a few crazy gadgets (...Spaghetti Tacos, The Gummy Bear Lamp, A Fan of Hammers). But when we asked Jerry what he wants to invent in real life, he came up with a doohickey even more genius than the Spoon Hat! Introducing the world's newest (and weirdest) invention, the Jerry Tailor!


So what exactly is this mad machine? Jerry explained, "Alright, it would be based on my name, Jerry Trainor, but I'd call it 'Jerry Tailor'… and it would make all of your clothes fit like they'd been tailored, automatically."


Pants hemmed on the fly?! How convenient. But as Jerry continued to describe his awesome idea, he started making a few changes. "Somehow, it would tailor it to you, like work around you somehow tailoring your clothes," Jerry continued. "Like a robot. A robot tailor. Wait a minute, 'Jerry Tailor' is the stupidest name I've ever heard. Forgive me Jerry Tailor, if you're reading this. But, what would we call it? We'd call it the Robo-Fit. 'The Robo-Fit makes it fit. And he doesn't quit.'"

No matter which name this hilarious invention goes by, we definitely love the slogan! Our only question, Jerry, is when can we buy this in stores?!


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