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Posted on Jul 31, 2013

Did You Know Ariana Grande 1

So, you think you know Ariana Grande pretty well, huh? Well, you have been watching her on the tube since her character 'Cat' was just a kitten! But today we're bringing you some facts about this Sam and Cat star that'll totally blow your mind!

Fact Number One: Ariana may like red in her hair, but she definitely does NOT like red in her food! "#PlotTwist I literally can't stand red velvet cupcakes. Never even liked em," chirped Ariana.

Did You Know Ariana Grande 2

Fact Number Two: This gal totally digs anything magical! For her last birthday, we heard she asked for a wizard-themed party and her mom made her a spell-binding cake! Can you say abraca-awesome?

Did You Know Ariana Grande 3

And Fact Number Three? Ariana sometimes misses her hometown of Boca Raton, Florida! "Feeling a tad homesick today. Even though La is "home" now I'm really missing Florida right now. #BocaILoveYou," she tweeted.

Aww, being homesick is no fun, but it's good thing she has her second home close by: the Sam and Cat set!


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