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Gracie's Summer Style Update

Posted on Jul 18, 2013

Gracie Dzienny Summer Style Update 1

Want to know how to stay cool and fashionable this season? Look no further than style guru, Gracie Dzienny! When the sun's out, this star ditches her Supah Ninjas threads for a more edgy, flawless look. Check out her beautiful digs in this summer style update.

Gracie Dzienny Summer Style Update 2

Stripes are all the rage this summer and Gracie knows how to wear them right. This stylish diva paired this adorable black and white dress with a bejeweled necklace for a hint of color and bling. Shine on Gracie, shine on!

Gracie Dzienny Summer Style Update 3

But even if you plan on dressing down to beat the heat, there's tons of ways to jazz up your outfit... like spicing up your shoes! Gracie rocked bright pink boots with a tiger tee tank and jeans, which gave a wild spin to a simple look.

Feeling inspired yet? Lucky for you, there's still plenty of summer left to try out these new styles! Props to Gracie for these breezy new trends.


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