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Guess The Lyrics

Posted on Jun 16, 2013

Guess The Lyrics 6-16-13 1

Start prepping those musical minds of yours, because you'll be using them in seconds. We're playing Guess the Lyrics, the game where you're the master musical detective! That is, if you can figure out who sings these groovin' lyrics. Ready to play? Here goes your clues!

Guess The Lyrics 6-16-13 2

Who sings these lovable lyrics? Ready, set, guess!
If it was rainin' you would yell at the sun / Pick up the pieces when the damage is done / You say it's just another day in the shade / Look at what a mess we made

Guess The Lyrics 6-16-13 3

Time is up! The gal behind this catchy tune is the lovely, Victoria Justice. Yup, these are lines taken straight from the track, You're The Reason, AKA one of our all-time faves! Let us know if you guessed right this time around, and hang tight for the next Guess the Lyrics!


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