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Guess The Lyrics

Posted on Jul 14, 2013

BTR 7-14 Guess The Lyrics 1

Mi-mi-mi! Okay, now that our chops are tuned and relaxed, it's time to use 'em! Get ready to sing your heart out, 'cause we're playing another round of, Guess the Lyrics! You know the rules... we show you the lyrics and you shout out who sings 'em! So are you ready to rock? Let's do this! Peep the lyrics below and take your best guess.

BTR 7-14 Guess The Lyrics 2

"I can feel it in the air/ I like the truth but love the dare/ Living life like it's a vacation."

Think you know who the true singer of these lovable lyrics is? Shout it out now, 'cause we're revealing the answer in 3....2...1...

BTR 7-14 Guess The Lyrics 3

Time is up! This catchy jam is from our four fave boys of Big Time Rush! If you're a true Rusher, you also know that this is the title tune from their new album, "24/Seven." Kudos to you for your mega musical knowledge! Thanks for playing along, and make sure to watch out for the next, Guess the Lyrics, coming soon.


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