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Posted on Jul 7, 2013

Avan Jogia Guess Who 1

Calling all superstar detectives and celebrity know-it-alls! We need your help piecing together some super sneaky facts about a certain mystery celeb in this game of Guess Who. It goes like this... we dish the facts and you figure out which star these clues are about. Think you can handle the heat? We hope so, 'cause it's time to prove it! First clue: This star told Shine On Media, "I just like acting. I like being other people. I like creating characters, so if I can do any of that, anywhere, I'm good."

Avan Jogia Guess Who 2

Ahh, so we've got an actor on our hands! Not bad, but we think some more clues are in order. See if you can guess who with this second hint! "Instead of making [instant noodles], I just sprinkle the soup mix on the noodles and eat them dry," this star said to Buzzfeed. Hmm, dry powdered noodles? Sounds... er, yummy. Well, that's it for clues! We hope you have the answer, because the star behind this riddle is...

Avan Jogia Guess Who 3

Avan Jogia! This celeb has been acting for quite some time, and from his past gig as Beck on Victorious, there's no denying he's a total pro. We can't say the same about his dry noodle eating habit, but when your acting skills are that top-notch, we'd raise a bowl to that!


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