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How to Dress Up Like Carly and Sam!

Posted on Oct 25, 2011

Wanna be the star of the show this Halloween? Then we've got the perfect getup for all your skelebrations. Whether you're looking to win this year's costume contest, or you just want more subscribers to your personal vlog, dressing as these webby wonders will give you some definite cool points. So, it's a good thing we're experts on Miranda Cosgrove and Jennette McCurdy, because we've got the 411 on their Sam and Carly wardrobe. And we're sharing the deets with you, right now! Find out how to dress as the iconic duo, below.


What you'll need:


1. The Penny Tee

All you need to whip up this sweet shirt is an old tee and some iron on letters. Pick your slogan, and you're ready to rock! Sky's the limit on this one, guys. But if you need a few suggestions..."Maybe Gravy", "Rubber Toast", "Scuba Donkey", "Blueberry Socks", "Obese Hamster"...We could go all day.


2. Go Pear-Shaped

Got a cell? Then grab some paper and a pear-shaped stencil and you're halfway to owning your very own PearPhone. Cut out a small fruit-shaped icon, slap it on the back of your mobile device, and voila! Just make sure Nevel doesn't get a hold of your digits...


3. A Videographer

Ever feel like you were born for the spotlight? Well here's your chance to shine! Sam and Carly just-so-happen to be the stars of a little web show called iCarly. Ever heard of it? So, to dress the part, you've gotta act the part too! Enlist a next-door-neighbor/friend (who's preferably cute and prone to love triangles) to carry a cam and follow your every move. Hey, this Halloccassion is worth documenting anyway, don't you think?


4. Ham It Up!

If you plan on being Sam this Halloween, then you've gotta amp up your appetite. We're talking world champion competitive eater status. Got some leftover ham in the fridge? Then you better be slapping two hunks of that meat in a colossal hamwhich for the road. And you should probably bring it along for trick-or-treating, just to complete the ensemble. But out for squirrels.


5. A Spaghetti Taco

One of Carly's favorite foods? Two words. Spaghetti taco. Her big bro is a master at whipping up this delicious flavor concoction. And even better...We've got the recipe right here! Patrol the neighborhood with one of these savory treats in hand, and everyone will know exactly who inspired your clever costume. Just beware of tomato stains.

So what are you waiting for? Throw on that Penny Tee and get ready for one epic Halloweekend! We just hope you're ready for your 15 minutes of inter-web super stardom...


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