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If Ryan Potter Ruled the World

Posted on Apr 29, 2013

If Ryan Ruled 1

What would it be like if Ryan Potter ruled the world? Would bowties always be in style, since they're his favorite accessory? Or maybe everyone would carry nun-chucks? In any case, we have a feeling life would be full of action, with some hilarious moments mixed in, of course. Here's some things we think Ryan would have high on his to-do list if he was captain of the universe.

If Ryan Ruled 2

First off, everyone would be trained in martial arts! And with Ryan as your sensei, you know you're in good hands. He's trained in white tiger kung fu, after all. And thanks to his show Supah Ninjas, he's never out of practice.

If Ryan Ruled 3

That's not all, though! Next on Mr. Potter's agenda? Everyone on the planet would scarf down sushi rolls 24/7, since it's his all-time fave food. Sorry if you're not a fan of seaweed, but Ryan highly recommends it!

So, we just have one question to ask... would you live on Planet Potter?


If SpongeBob ruled the world...

that world would be full of Krabby Patties.


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