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Fox's Fab Photos!

Posted on Jun 30, 2013

James Maslow Fox Fab Photos 1

BTR may be known worldwide, but there's an underdog in their crew that's been sweeping up brownie points across the nation. Move over boys, 'cause this time, it's ALL about Fox! James Maslow's famous little pup is not only a crowd pleaser, but the cameras love him too, and he spilled to Smashing News Magazine all about it.

James Maslow Fox Fab Photos 2

So where did this pup-pic frenzy begin? Right after James posted the very first pic of his adorable pet pal! "They wanted more photos of my dog after that first picture of him and kept asking for them, so I figured I’d just make it a weekly thing..." he said.

James Maslow Fox Fab Photos 3

And the world's been goo-goo ga-ga over him ever since! James spilled, "He’s the greatest dog in the world, but..." THERE'S A BUT?! "he does not like to be alone. Because of that, he has become the most spoiled dog in the world, and he goes with me almost everywhere I go" Hmm, that just sounds like a blast to us!

We're not sure who's luckier, James or Fox, but one thing we do know is the more quality time these two BFFs spend together, the more awesome pics we get to see!


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