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Jennette and Ariana Babysit on Set

Posted on May 4, 2013

Jennette and Ariana Babysitting 1

So, you already know Jennette McCurdy and Ariana Grande are becoming babysitting BFF's on the upcoming series Sam and Cat. But did you know they're learning some 'sitting skills on set too? Jennette and Ariana got some real life babysitting experience from working with the tiny tots and they're telling their tales.

Jennette and Ariana Babysitting 2

Ariana dished to Cambio, "Even though we're acting, in between takes... it feels like babysitting."

Jennette and Ariana Babysitting 3

But the gals are pretty cool with taking on the role of big sisters on set. In fact, it's been one of Jennette's life-long dreams! "I wanted to be a babysitter when I was younger," Jennette said. "But nobody called me, so I was really disappointed because I passed out all these fliers. So I feel like I slowly let that dream fade."

Well, now Jennette gets to live out both of her dream jobs, acting and 'sitting! We just hope they don't have to change any diapers... Yuck!


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