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Jennette and Ariana In The UK

Posted on Oct 18, 2013

Jennette Ariana UK 1

Pip pip, cheerio! Okay, we might not have the English accent down pat quite yet, but we know who does... Jennette McCurdy and Ariana Grande! These girls just paid a visit to the UK to chat about their awesome new show, Sam and Cat. And duh, of course they had a blast-and-a-half seeing the sights. They even sent us some snaps to prove it!

Jennette Ariana UK 2

If you wanna fit in with the English, you've gotta learn to sip tea like a pro. And Jennette is doing it all right! Here she is looking prim and proper at high tea in London. We'll have some crumpets, too, please!

Jennette Ariana UK 3

Interview time! The girls were all smiles when chatting up their new gig as on screen babysitters. Best. Job. Ever.

Jennette Ariana UK 4

And Jennette even took a time out to get to know some of the Nickelodeon crew in the UK office. Hi guys!

That's a wrap for this sweet overseas vacay. But hey, you never know where these gal pals will pop up next. Swiss Alps, anyone?


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