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Jennette Rocks Animal Prints on Jimmy Fallon!

Posted on Jun 19, 2013

Jennette Animal Prints 1

This star has no problem playing character's with a wild side, just look at her loose cannon character, Sam Puckett. But Jennette McCurdy isn't afraid to be fierce in real life either, especially when it comes to fashion. Animal prints have been Jennette's wardrobe must-have lately, and we think she looks GRRReat!

Jennette Animal Prints 2

Jennette graced Late Night with Jimmy Fallon recently, and her cheetah print pants stole the show. The two reminisced about the host's iCarly crossover, and Fallon gushed "It was super fun. We had the best time, it was one of my favorite things we've done on our show. We loved it so much." Talk about warm and fuzzy!

Jennette Animal Prints 3

But the prints don't stop there! Jennette also sported the trend in a ferociously awesome leopard print top at the Nylon Awards. Don't try to tame this gal's wild style, or you might get bit.

Jennette totally rocks this trend, so we're giving it two paws up!


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