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Jennette is a Book Worm!

Posted on May 25, 2013

Jennette Book Worm 1

Jennette McCurdy has one busy schedule, but everyone's gotta make time for their fave hobbies, right? And Jennette has a lot of them! For example, she told AOL Kids, "I love reading, I read all the time." Good thing too, because for her new gig on Sam and Cat, she might wanna consider poking her nose into some babysitting books (we hear Sam's a bit of a disastrous sitter).

Jennette Book Worm 2

But it's not all books for Jennette, she's all about spills and thrills, too! She added, "And amusement parks! I love going to amusement parks. I'm a big roller coaster fan." We wonder if she ever tries reading and roller coasting at the same time?! Now that would be impressive.

Jennette Book Worm 3

But when she just wants to chill out, there's another hobby that Jennette takes it easy with. She dished, "I love figure skating, I do that as much as I can, whenever I have an hour off I'll go to the skating rink."

Now you know where to find Jennette when she's not busy with the baby business. We just hope she can squeeze them all into her hip Hollywood schedule!


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