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Jennette Wants To Make You Laugh

Posted on Sep 9, 2013

Jennette Loves Laughs 1

There are major perks to working on a hilarious hit TV show. And as a comedy vet, Jennette McCurdy knows all about them! In an interview with Celebrity Teen Scoop, she dished about her favorite part about working on Sam and Cat. "I really love the scripts, because they're always really funny," she said. "I think Sam and Cat has found its own cute, fun voice. I love the jokes that I get to say and I really love my character."

Jennette Loves Laughs 2

But Sam Puckett isn't the only character Jennette loves. She hearts her co-star Ariana Grande more than ever. In fact, she finds herself in a giggle fit whenever they're together! "We crack each other up! It's great to have someone your age on-set who is going through the same things that you are," she said. "I think there are inevitable similarities there, but other than that we're really different. We really work from each others differences and I think we get more of a kick out of each other that way."

Jennette Loves Laughs 3

And Jennette is one gal who's all about the laughs. In fact, it's one of her biggest missions as an entertainer. "I would love to say 'thank you' to anyone who has ever watched me for a second or two and laughed, because my ultimate goal is to make people laugh," the superstar gushed.

Well, after LOLing at Jennette year after year on screen, we can proudly say, mission accomplished!


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