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Jerry The Dolphin

Posted on Mar 5, 2013

Jerry the Dolphin 1

From crazy movie theater employees to accident-prone uncles, Jerry Trainor has played some pretty kooky characters. But how would Jerry do taking on the role of king of the ocean? Well, after chatting with the Wendell and Vinnie star, we learned that he'd be pretty comfortable swimming in the seas. In fact, Jerry said that if he could live as an adorable animal, he'd choose a species that spends most of its days hanging in H2O!

Jerry The Dolphin 3

Jerry explained, if he was an animal, he'd "definitely [be] a dolphin." But why pick a porpoise? "Just because, they're super smart," he explained. "I just think it would be awesome to be in the ocean all the time and then be able to leap out of the ocean and fly for a second, take a big breath, and boom, you're back in the water flying through the ocean. Eating nothing but seafood. Delicious!"

Jerry Dolphin 2

Could you imagine heading into the ocean for a snorkeling adventure and spotting Jerry Trainor swimming by in a school of fish? Now that would be a story worth telling your friends about. If they'd believe you that is...


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