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Jerry's Funniest Faces

Posted on Jul 21, 2013

Jerry's Funniest Faces 1

For as long as we can remember, Jerry Trainor has been making us LOL. From his unforgettable days as the off-beat Spencer on iCarly to his babysitting blunders as Vinnie on Wendell and Vinnie, there's no denying that he's a natural comedian. In fact, even his faces are some of the silliest we've ever seen! Check 'em out.

Jerry's Funniest Faces 2

Jerry can make us laugh with just a wave of his hand. Seriously, though, we're cracking up just looking at this!

Jerry's Funniest Faces 3

By the look of Jerry's funny hair-do and warrior expression, our guess is that he's as excited for the arrival of The Legend of Korra as we are. Are we right or are we right?

Jerry's Funniest Faces 4

They say if you make a funny face for long enough, it'll get stuck that way. When it comes to Jerry's wild and wacky grins, well, the jury's still out.

Jerry's Funniest Faces 5

We thought a little added 'stache would make this snap picture perfect. Although, Jerry needs no additions to keep us in stitches. He just needs to be himself!

So, if you're ever in need of a good chuckle, just flip through some pics of this A-plus jokester. He's got enough funny faces to keep you entertained for hours and hours and hours...


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