Is Cody Simpson the Next Bieber?!

Posted on Apr 5, 2011

Everyone is saying that Australian singing superstar Cody Simpson is the next Justin Bieber. Well, those are some big high top sneakers to fill, but he definitely has the hair for the job! We caught up with this blonde cutie pie on the Orange Carpet and learned a little more about the fun-loving singer.


Nick: What are you most excited about seeing tonight?
Cody: The performances! It's such a great lineup! Willow Smith, and the BEP. It's going to be good. It's going to be a fun night.

Nick: What have you been up to lately?
Cody: I'm going on tour with Greyson Chance starting April 9th for about 6 weeks. Then I go back to Australia.

Nick: What are some tour must haves?
Cody: Sour candy and Warheads. I can't live without it. And my laptop.

Nick: Where are you excited to go in the states?
Cody: Florida -- I love the weather down there. And NYC.

Nick: Name one cool thing about your tour bus.
Cody: The Xbox 360. Everyday when I'm not performing, I'm on there.

Nick: Have you been slimed?
Cody: I was slimed at the Australian Kids' Choice Awards in October and I was slimed incredibly there. In one word, it's slime-y.

Nick: If you could change the color of slime, what color would you make it?
Cody: Blue. I love the color blue.

Nick: If you had a webshow like iCarly, what would it be about?
Cody: I'd make it a musical to coincide with what I'm doing now.

Well, this lover-boy singing sensation might not be hitting the stage with Usher quite yet, but we think he's absolutely adorable! Uh oh, grab your thermometers guys...we feel a fever coming on!


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