Greyson Chance Interview

Posted on Apr 7, 2011

You know Greyson Chance as that adorable kid and amazing singer who can do a mean Lady Gaga song on YouTube. But he's now signed to Ellen's label, has his own tour bus, and is about to go on tour with Cody Simpson! We caught up with Greyson on the Orange Carpet at the Kids' Choice Awards and here's what he had to say!


Nick: What are your tour must-haves?
Greyson: My tour must haves are my camera, Pop Chips and Dr. Pepper.

Nick: What city are you most excited to play?
Greyson: New York! I always love going to New York. The fans are great and I also love the city.

Nick: What's the coolest part of your tour bus?
Greyson: It's kind of a normal tour bus. One of the sides pops out; that's kinda fun.

Nick: Have you ever been slimed?
Greyson: I haven't been slimed but I really want to!

Nick: What color would you change slime to if you could?
Greyson: Black, I think it'd be cool.

Nick: What KCA award would you want to win one day?
Greyson: Favorite Male Singer!

Aw! We bet he will win Favorite Male Singer someday! Who do you think should've won a blimp this year? Tell us!


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